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It feels like yesterday when many of us found every excuse to take three walks a day, sign up for the latest Zoom virtual workout class, or invest in the infamous Peloton. These are all still efficient ways to stay healthy, but it became easy to wrap ourselves in the comparison game with too much time on our hands and the constant access to social media. The pressure and urge to be as fit as possible can become almost unsustainable, leaving many people thinking they have lost the race to others around them. Like the Thoroughbreds and jockeys of the Kentucky Derby, robust health does not happen overnight or cross a finish line. It takes time, patience and most importantly, confidence in yourself. The two-minute race is just a part of the horse’s and jockey’s journey. It’s remarkable, but it takes obstacles and triumphs, like health and wellness.
At the Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center, members feel supported and brave when they enter the doors, despite their age, weight, gender and experience in fitness. We spoke with Lorna Segall, a Milestone member, to hear how the community has taught her balance and brought her bliss.
How was Milestone introduced to your life?
I moved to Louisville in 2018 for a teaching position at the University of Louisville. The facility is big and beautiful, which can be intimidating, but I felt very welcomed. I honestly Googled it, and it was the first one that came up. I got really lucky because it’s been an incredible part of my life. I understand how important a community is and exercising with other people because of Milestone. As a college student, I always worked out by myself, and I quickly became over that.
What were some of the classes or workout routines that Milestone opened your eyes to, and was it nerve-wracking or challenging at first?
One of the first classes that rocked my world was Fired Up Sculpt, taught by Joshua Lakes. I love that class because it’s all weights and reinforces the importance of strength. Other people, specifically women, can be intimidated by lifting weights. Josh’s class is the perfect opportunity to learn because it’s a safe and fun environment. Another class that I adore is any spin class taught by Dean Brooks. I love that he enforces the idea of not comparing yourself to other people. You’re not competing with anyone except yourself.
How do you think Milestone has given you the patience and strength to evolve your fitness journey?
I persevere and am consistent. I have many people I consider my friends from the gym. Sometimes I go to class to see them! Seven months ago, I started training with Allison Cardoza. She has taught me how to keep it sustainable by mixing it up and discussing food and nutrition. She has debunked food myths for me and always says to listen to your body. There’s no perfect diet, and it is different for everybody.
How does Milestone help you incorporate healthy movement into your routine?
I usually go to the facility five to six times a week. Sometimes I’ll do a core class, or a weight routine Allison planned out for me that month. Sometimes I may be tired, but I make myself get there to see the people and get that happy feeling!
What are some of your tips for balancing a healthy lifestyle while having fun?
People should find any exercise or movement that they enjoy. I also think people genuinely desire to be healthy and not “skinny” or “muscular” for superficial reasons. You want your body to be as healthy as possible as we continue aging. But at Milestone, there are types of fitness programs for everyone. Everyone is there just doing their best, and that’s always acceptable. There’s a type of wellness for everyone there.
Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center
750 Cypress Station Dr.
Louisville, KY 40207
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