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Sonfu Digital Solutions has updated its database reactivation campaigns to help small and medium-sized businesses in the health and wellness industry attract the interest of previous customers.
Colonial Heights, Virginia–(Newsfile Corp. – August 10, 2022) – Using a combination of highly customized and strategic messages, the recently updated reactivation campaigns from Sonfu Digital Solutions to help small businesses to turn existing customers from previous years into new leads.

Health/Wellness Customer Database Reactivation Update By Sonfu Digital Solutions
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While there are many strategies for gathering new customers, the new targeted reactivation strategy is used only on clients that are already interested in the services a business offers. This focus on dormant or unresponsive clients allows the new strategy to bypass the majority of uninterested recipients, and provide more potential customers per message sent.
The updated strategy includes several channels for reaching inactive customers. Clients can choose to have their inactive customers contacted through SMS, e-mail, social media, voice drops, or direct mail.
Lead generation experts at Sonfu Digital Solutions have found that clients often require several messages before returning as a new customer, so the company also provides an updated lead nurturing service. This new service can include providing several rounds of information to new or returning customers and strengthening their relationship or trust with the client. More information about combining lead nurturing with database reactivation strategies can be found at
The company has also launched a new report detailing the most effective strategies when planning a reactivation campaign. The report provides a step-by-step process business owners can use to customize their campaigns to maximize the likelihood of attracting previous clients in their niche.
Suggested strategies in the new report include several ways a business can personalize their messages to catch a client’s attention, different methods for interacting, and how to create an interesting offer for the new campaign. While business owners are encouraged to take part in the planning process for any new campaign, Sonfu Digital Solutions also provides expert technicians for every stage of the process.
A spokesperson for Sonfu Digital Solutions said, “It’s not always easy to attract new customers. But reactivation campaigns can be a great way to reach out to people who haven’t interacted with your brand in a while. Sonfu Digital Solutions can help you create a personalized reactivation campaign that will get results.”
The new report on effective reactivation campaign strategies can be found at
Contact Info:
Name: Sonnie Donaby
Organization: Sonfu Digital Solutions LLC
Address: 84 Southgate Square #1022, Colonial Heights, VA 23834, United States
Phone: +1-804-324-3095
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