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Over the past year, there has been a steady rise in conscious choices in health and fitness across the country. With a greater awareness of physical and mental wellness, people of all ages are increasingly prioritizing self-care. As people begin to step out now, albeit with caution, Flipkart, India’s homegrown e-commerce marketplace, shares some interesting trends, and reports a surge in traction across wellness, fitness and superfoods, suggesting a drastic change in the average Indian shopper.
As people across the country continue their health and fitness journey, Flipkart’s health foods category is growing by 2X Y-o-Y. The category has seen a steady rise in the purchase of healthy food and supplements, specifically in dry fruits, green tea and immunity boosting superfoods including oats, honey, muesli, corn flakes and peanut butter. More recently, the platform has observed a high demand in product lines including health drinks, dry fruits and nuts green tea & coffee, edible seeds, and olive oil. With an increased awareness of healthy snacking and mindful eating in the past year, fruit preserves witnessed an uptick by over 4X. Flipkart continues to further widen its offerings in the segment with the launch of brands such as Raw Pressery, Yoga Bar and Sleepy Owl Coffee.
Flipkart’s wellness category has also grown by 2X Y-o-Y. This comprises of fitness related products such as health-drink mixes, protein shakes, energy drinks, health supplements including multi-vitamins, fish oil, vitamin E, collagen, and biotin, as well as holistic products such as Chyawanprash and ayurvedic juices gaining popularity. The biggest growth contributors are protein supplements, vitamin supplements and energy drinks which are growing M-o-M at 1.3X, 1.1X and 1.2X. Brands including Oziva, Big Muscles Nutrition, Kapiva, HealthKart, PediaSure, Baidyanath, MuscleBlaze, XLR8 and Better Nutrition are among those that are witnessing highest traction. Customers from metros and Tier 1 cities account for majority demand in the health and fitness categories.
With the pandemic-prompted active culture becoming a way of life for most, health, wellness, and fitness continue to remain focus areas for the majority of consumers. Flipkart is wholly committed to bringing in the widest range from some of the best brands, for its rapidly growing customer-base. 
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