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SEATTLE, Dec. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Clinical nutritionist Suhana Siddika just released a new report on the seven top health and wellness trends to try in 2022. These include mindful and intuitive eating, digital detox, mental fitness, financial wellness, sleep, immune booster foods, and touchless spas.  
Mindful and intuitive eating is a way of nourishing the body with what it needs while also paying attention to how one feels about food. Digital detoxing means that people are cutting out social media from their lives or at least trying to limit its use. Mental fitness involves breaking down barriers between oneself and others by practicing empathy through mindfulness meditation techniques such as yoga.
“The proverb ‘health is wealth’ has been used for generations for a good reason,” says Siddika. “Without health, we would fail to enjoy and live our fullest.”
Research shows that people are more aware than ever of what their bodies need to function at their best. Many are also conscious about how these needs affect their mental state, which means people are finally taking care of themselves with a holistic approach.
The report also includes quotes from Siddika about why these particular trends are important to focus on now. “Implementing simple and healthy lifestyle trends in 2022 in your daily routine will help you reduce anxiety, have healthy social relations, and achieve optimal wellness,” says Siddika. “No, you don’t need a fancy workout location or follow some fad diet to include wellness in your life. Everyone can start practicing the health trends that we discuss.”
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