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Radhika Salve, 43, sustained an injury on October 5 when she fell from a running bus while deboarding. She was rushed to the civic-run tertiary-care hospital—BYL Nair Hospital. After she was admitted, Salve was immediately advised for a CT scan of her brain.
But to her surprise, the doctors informed her she would have to travel four kilometre to a diagnostic centre for the scan. “When I fell down, I brushed my hands and legs. Though I didn’t sustain any fracture, I had badly hurt my head which was painful. So, the doctor asked me to undergo a CT scan. But later, they informed us that the CT scan machine wasn’t functioning,” recollected Salve.
Considering the saddening state of the hospital, she took Discharge Against Doctor’s Advice (DAMA) and was later admitted to a private hospital. “If a major hospital like Nair doesn’t have a CT scan machine then how would they treat patients?” she asked.
When The Indian Express inquired with the hospital, officials said the CT scan machine has not been working for the last week because of a technical issue. And patients will have to wait another 15 days to avail the facility, they added.
“We are referring the patients outside as the machine isn’t working. There has been a technical issue and we have ordered a part for its repair from Singapore,” said Dr Devidas Shetty, head of the radiology department at the hospital.
On average, CT scans of around 50 non-emergency patients are carried out every day. Apart from it, they do CT scans of approximately 10 emergency cases.
The patients are now being referred to a diagnostic centre in Parel with whom the hospital has tied up. “Until the issue gets resolved, the patients will be referred there. But the patients would be charged a subsidised rate (around Rs 1,200),” said Dr Shetty.
But transferring patients in medical emergencies is challenging. Often, emergency cases with a head injury, trauma, and intestinal perforation cannot be treated without the scan and are referred to other major hospitals like KEM Hospital in Parel. This further adds up the waiting time of the patients at the hospital.
“We already have nearly one month waiting period for a CT scan. This additional referred patients from Nair Hospital is further adding to the pressure,” said a doctor from KEM Hospital.
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