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Clement Manyathela spoke to the director of Kloofroad Medical Centre Dr Mohammed Asmal about the causes and solutions to abnormal bedwetting.
Bedwetting after the age of seven is considered unusual.
A child should see a doctor to determine the cause and solution for this situation.
According to Dr Asmal parents can often get stressed and assume the worst if their child starts wetting the bed and the stress can affect the child and make the situation worse.
In order to treat bedwetting or nocturnal enuresis, medical practitioners determine whether the child has primary or secondary enuresis, said Asmal.
Primary enuresis is when a child regularly wet the bed and never had a dry period of longer than 6 months, and this is usually a developmental issue, and they will essentially train the child not to wet the bed.
Secondary enuresis is when the child has not been bedwetting for more than six months and suddenly starts again – which is usually related to emotional trauma.
When a child does start wetting the bed, Dr Asmal said the first thing a parent should do is to start recording the child’s fluid intake during the day and measuring how often and when the child urinates.
If a child is bedwetting, a fluid diary is probably the most important thing to take along with you when you go to the doctor.
In some cases, bedwetting does continue later into life without there being any real cause, but Dr Asmal said it was so essential that the child was not shamed or punished for it as it could make the situation worse.
Even at the age of 14 to 16, one percent of kids still wet the bed occasionally and they do not have a major cause that is found.
Bedwetting can be extremely difficult and embarrassing for a child or any person but with medical care, the cause and solution can be found. Listen to the audio above for more.
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