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Caring for your health and well-being are extremely important. And at Southeast, we want to make it easy for students to get access to the resources they need to do just that. 
Southeast Missouri State University offers a wide variety of services to help support the health and wellness of its students. That includes medical services, counseling and mental health treatment, fitness classes, nutrition counseling, recreation, and more. 
“They care about each student and want to see us succeed wholeheartedly. When you’re surrounded by people who love what they do, it solidifies that what you want to do is the right path.”
Olivia Simpson, Alumna ’20
Dedicated Campus Health Clinic
Students have access to health care services on campus year round.
Group Fitness Classes
Whatever you’re in to, cardio, strength, or mind-body and flexibility, there’s a group fitness class for you!
Counseling Services
Mental health and well-being is a top priority at Southeast. That’s why we offer consultation and treatment free of charge.
Donation-funded Redhawk Food Pantry
Students and employees have confidential access that provides food, hygiene products, and school supplies to those in need.
Resources for you.
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