Health and Wellness: Iowa Compass Program is here to help – Dallas County News

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Iowa Compass connects people who have complex health-related needs and disabilities to services and supports. When you call or email, one of their community resource specialists will listen to your needs and help you solve challenges. Iowa Compass does not share any personal information from those who get in touch with them, unless permission is given. 
Here are examples of what Iowa Compass does. Say you need a vehicle that can accommodate your wheelchair. Iowa Compass can connect you to for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations that build or adapt vans and to funding for a portion of these costs. Another example is an individual with a vision disability that wants to continue working. Iowa Compass can connect them to job placement programs specifically for persons with vision impairments. The organization website is and has a great deal of information. If you prefer to call, Iowa Compass is at 800-779-2001, or you may text, live chat or email. 
Iowa Compass can offer help to caregivers of disabled children or adult family members so the caregivers can continue to be employed. Look on the website for helpful information such as how disabled persons who use assistive technology can get tax breaks. 


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