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While several long-term shifts have been reshaping the American health and wellness landscape long before the pandemic, 2020 brought about unprecedented challenges on multiple fronts, shifting consumer perceptions, concerns and routines. 
While the global spread of COVID-19 has been the major driving force behind changing lifestyles and attitudes, it has not been the only force.
Much has changed how consumers live, eat and work, as well as what they value, leaving many longing for a return to “normal.” And the changed public health circumstances of these past two years have made health and wellness a top-of-mind consideration for a broader set of consumers, with the public getting rapidly educated on topics such as infectious diseases, immunity, vaccine effectiveness and safety and mental health.
During 2021, it became apparent that the pandemic created renewed attention on some key consumer values that will be sure to extend well into 2022. Here are five observations we made in our Health & Wellness 2021: Reimagining Well-being Amid COVID-19 report. 
The meaning of health and wellness remains firmly rooted in a foundation of physical and mental health and resilience. Consumers have returned to this ideal as their North Star to guide their aspirations as they reimagine their paths to wellbeing in the year ahead.
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