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Doha: Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) Student Affairs presented a workshop on January 31 to remind graduate students of the importance of mental health. 
The initiative formed part of the professional personal and emotional counselling HBKU provides to students to support their mental health and help them achieve their academic goals and self-development. Chereen Shurafa, mental health and community counsellor, certified coach, and advice columnist, presented “Top Tips to Support Your Mental Health”. The online workshop began by defining mental health and how to talk about their emotional wellbeing. 
Taking into account the pressures that face many graduate students, made sharper by pandemic-related changes to their routine, Shurafa focused on ways for students to better manage their mental health on a daily basis during the semester. The event highlighted the signs that indicate when it is time to seek help and what students should do if they need support. She offered a set of techniques to help their mental health and tips to support their wellness, such as good nutrition, stress management, and sufficient sleep. 
Highlighting the aims of the workshop, Noor Al Jassim, Director, Development at HBKU, said: “One of challenges is how to encourage those with mental health stress to seek appropriate help, particularly when there is still a lingering stigma related to health seeking behaviours. Our aim through this valuable workshop with Chereen Shurafa, who has counselled widely in this area, is to give our students the tools to cope when they are overwhelmed. We also aimed to look at ways to embed well-being throughout our whole community.”

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