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Marietta, Georgia, UNITED STATES
Marietta, GA, Dec. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Espyr, the leading expert in mental health services for employees, and Fit to Pass (Espyr’s program providing health and wellness programs for the trucking industry) is partnering with Gulf Relay to keep their drivers on the road, and their employees thriving. 
“In today’s environment, it’s never been more crucial to retain professional drivers due to the ever-increasing driver shortage crisis”, says Rick Taweel, CEO of Espyr and owner of Fit to Pass. “Our approach to physical health supports drivers to improve their health due to their sedentary and stressful lifestyle. We are helping drivers stay employed and healthy while enabling carriers to keep their known, skilled drivers on the road. Our approach to mental health is another layer that Gulf Relay realized beneficial that will help drivers and employees improve their lives for the better. It’s our mission to save the industry’s skilled drivers and care for employees’ safety and well-being.”
Gulf Relay and Espyr share the common goal of making the lives of Gulf Relay’s employees better, especially their drivers on the front lines. 
“We understand that drivers aren’t happy with how they are treated, in the industry in general. At Gulf Relay, we are committed to changing that. Adding innovative programs to enhance the driver experience is only the most recent example of that. With Fit to Pass, we are making driver’s health and well-being a priority,” says Andy Vanzant, Chief Operating Officer for Gulf Relay.
By adding mental and physical health support, every Gulf Relay employee and driver will be able to get help when help is needed. Espyr and Fit to Pass allow us to address the full range of mental and physical health.
About Espyr
Espyr®is a leading voice in the field of mental health solutions. Our mission is to enable people and organizations to achieve their full potential by providing immediate, customizable behavioral health solutions that extend beyond mental health counseling. We aim to help clients care for their members holistically with technology-enabled coaching and counseling, leading to higher engagement, better ROI, and reduced health claims. We offer a wide range of services – from EAPs and financial wellness services to AI-powered chatbots and tele-counseling.
About Fit to Pass
Espyr® delivers game-changing solutions for the trucking industry to transform how you recruit, retain, and care for your drivers. Fit to Pass, Rebuilt, and Second Chance are designed by drivers for drivers. The Fit to Pass team has over 25 years of experience in professional truck and bus driving, driver health, and employee coaching. Fit to Pass coaches are professionally trained CDL coaches who understand the driver lifestyle challenges and related health impacts.
About TalkNow
TalkNow® is helpful for many of the most common reasons people seek out mental health support. While traditional face-to-face counseling is appropriate for many mental health issues, waiting for an appointment can cause additional stress or, even, exacerbate the problem. TalkNow lets people talk to a qualified professional immediately. Simply by making a call to our mental health professionals, they’re connected with a licensed clinician to talk through almost any immediately troubling issue – personal or work-related.
About Gulf Relay
Gulf Relay, LLC® is a supply chain solutions provider that began with asset-based transportation and has grown to include a vast carrier network, warehousing, custom TMS, and managed services. With highly experienced leadership and adaptable processes, Gulf Relay becomes the competitive edge of their partners’ supply chain, whether that is a singular service or a fully comprehensive supply chain solution. Relationships are the product Gulf Relay is most excited about building because they know how important it is to be a dependable resource for their partners. 


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