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February 22nd – From 10th February, the Prosecco DOC Rosé of Pizzolato, an Italian winery, pioneer in the organic wine production that today exports to 34 countries around the world, is available online in USA. The e-commerce of Winc, importer of Pizzolato’s organic wines in the USA, is today a digital showcase for many natural, organic and vegan wines, which are distributed in most of the American states. Prosecco DOC Rosé Pizzolato Brut is one of the protagonists of the organic line within e-commerce: available now in nearly 30 states.
The Pizzolato Prosecco DOC Rosé Brut is the blend of Glera and Pinot Nero grapes both produced in the province of Treviso, Veneto – Italy – within the organic green lung of the estate. The Glera and Pinot Nero vineyards are in fact farmed according to the organic method and the grapes are selected ensuring high quality standards of the raw material, to work only with healthy and vigorous grapes. Prosecco DOC Rosé Pizzolato Brut is also certified vegan, as no products of animal origin are included in the production processes for its realization.
Due to Consorzio rules, this Prosecco DOC Rosé is a vintage sparkling wine that combines the aromaticity and fruity characteristics of the Glera grape (90%) with notes of elegance, refinement and style of Pinot Noir (10%).
Following the disciplinary, the bubbles are obtained following the Martinotti/ Charmat method, with the second fermentation kicked off in stainless steel pressurized tanks. This wine, with a residual sugar of around 6-8 g / l, has a bright pink color, with a persistent foam. The delicate hints of white flowers, apple, pear typical of Prosecco will blend with recognizable notes of red fruits.
About Pizzolato Estate
La Cantina Pizzolato, it is a family company, in the heart of Veneto region, number-one Italian producer and seller of only organic wines. Located in the countryside of Treviso, the vineyards are situated on the PROSECCO DOC area. The winery has been certified since 1991 and Settimo Pizzolato, the actual owner, was certainly one of the first winemakers to choose an organic, vegan and sustainable estate management. ORGANIC is a word that holds intrinsic concepts, about respect, knowledge, wellness, cooperation. A company whose focus is the continuous research, today, about the resistant vineyards (Piwi wines) towards a 100% sustainable agriculture. Plants with an advantage: the minimum number of treatments carried out and the consequent low environmental impact for their cultivation. The strong commitment towards the environment and the sustainability of the products to respect customer’s health and to leave a better planet for future generations, are the basis of all the daily activities of la Cantina Pizzolato.

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