Government joins forces with fitness company to encourage young women to get fit – Newshub

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It's My Move has just been launched online amid concern for the health and wellness of young Kiwi women. Credits: Image – Getty Images; Video – Newshub
The Government is joining forces with a New Zealand fitness company to encourage more young women to get fit.
It’s My Move has just been launched online with the aim of turning around worrying statistics about the health and wellness of young Kiwi women.
It looks like a fitness class in any commercial gym, but it’s actually a PE class.
Auckland Girls’ Grammar students are taking part in a curated fitness workout made for young women, by young women to encourage more movement.
"Les Mills and Sports New Zealand have launched this campaign to break the barriers and offer support and different solutions for young women to be more active in their lives," said Les Mills presenter Dani Lally.
Sport New Zealand has put up $2.5 million for the digital campaign.
According to Ministry of Health data, 93 percent of our rangatahi aren’t active enough and young women are one of the most vulnerable groups.
"We know that young women tend to disengage from structured physical activity," Sport NZ women and girls lead Luciana Garcia said.
By the age of 16, there is a 17 percent gap between male and female participation and just a year later, that gap increases to 28 percent.
It’s My Move is aiming to steer young women away from competitiveness and its limiting outcomes and back towards the sheer joy of moving one’s body.
"[We’re] trying to expose women to different ways of moving to enjoy and feel good for them," Garcia said.
Statistics show 69 percent of young women want to participate in physical activities because they’re fun, however 68 percent won’t because they don’t feel confident about their bodies. Yet those who took part say that’s exactly why they should.
"It is really important for the mental state, you feel good about yourself," said student Isabelle Pearson.
"Even just my motivation for my own body and my confidence," added Te Hana Whatarangi Blom.
The funding has been granted, the website is live at, and the workouts are waiting for you to push play.

So young women of Aotearoa, whether it’s dropping a squat, throwing a punch or catching a ball, it’s your move.


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