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Written by Tavishi Dogra | Updated : September 10, 2022 10:19 PM IST
The debate on whether advancing technology is a bane or a boon has been ongoing forever. But coming to the health sector, evolving technology has been a boon. The contribution it has to the growth of medical infrastructure is exciting. In addition, technical advancement has helped us win over multiple life-threatening diseases, bring personalized experiences, and reduce the recovery time for patients. Dr Rajesh Singh, Co-Founder and Medical Director of, shares the benefits of ancient Ayurveda meets advanced technology.
From the pandemic’s onset, we have understood the importance of wellness and how Ayurveda brings it into our lives with wholeness. Though India is home to Ayurveda, it has recently not been easily accessible to many. The goodness and the fullness with which Ayurveda approaches life is its philosophy. While the thought of Ayurveda and advanced technology on the same page might sound mutually exclusive to us, technology has been instrumental in the growth and bridging of the gap between people and the goodness of Ayurveda.
The convergence of Ayurveda and emerging technology is not just giving efficient health care but also building a healthy lifestyle. With yoga and ayurvedic diets, a better understanding of the way to live for a healthy body and mind has never been more accessible than now. With the help of technology, expert guidance on each topic and years of knowledge have reached our fingertips. For example, a recent study showed that with the increase in awareness regarding the importance of immunity, 60% of Gen Z and 40% of the millennials have opted for online Ayurvedic products such as immunity boosters from trusted websites.

The fundamental advantage of incorporating advancing technology and Ayurveda is the flexibility, accessibility, and freedom of choice that the users can enjoy. It also promotes Ayurveda as a lifestyle capable of offering side-effect-free treatments. The increase in people’s interest in this field also aids in more monetary support for research and development of Ayurveda.
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