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The Global Wellness Summit (GWS), a three-day conference on the $4.4 trillion business of wellness, takes place in Tel Aviv from October 31 to November 3.
This year’s event brings together 350-plus entrepreneurs and leaders in wellness from 50 nations to explore the dramatically different future for wellness and preventative health after the pandemic.
The summit has been meeting annually in global cities since 2007; this is the first time it’s being held in Israel.
“Third time’s the charm! This journey to bring the GWS to Tel Aviv began in 2020 but the world had other ideas. It took chutzpah to bring this summit to life, and the caliber and variety of speakers, the soulfulness and creativity, and the sheer breadth of content, confirm that we have delivered a powerful agenda,” said Nancy Davis, GWS chief creative officer and executive director.
“Getting to know the country, the people and the palpable energy that courses through Tel Aviv is something I want every delegate to feel.”
The packed agenda covers the latest findings in longevity science; the future of wellness-centered travel, real estate, beauty, governmental policy, spirituality, sustainability, investment and economy; and the newest technologies for health and wellness.
Israeli keynote speakers include Noam Gabison, industry manager for digital health at Meta, on the future of wellbeing in the metaverse; Ilan Samish, founder and CEO, Amai Proteins, on how they cracked the sugar code; Sharon Handelman-Gotlib of Sompo Digital Lab on how multinational insurance giants are using tech to innovate wellness; and Dr. Varda Shalev, cofounder of Alike.Health, on how crowdsourcing is the future of health and wellness.
Amir Alroy, cofounder of Welltech Ventures, will present “From Start-Up to Scale-up: A Lightning Round of Israeli Innovation,” a panel of high-profile founders of Israeli health and wellness startups, including Ben Enosh, cofounder of Antidote Health; Avishai Ben-Tovim, CEO and cofounder of MDI Health; Ziv Pereman, CEO of X-trodes; and Racheli Vizman, cofounder and CEO of SavorEat.
Abigail Klein Leichman is a writer and associate editor at ISRAEL21c. Prior to moving to Israel in 2007, she was a specialty writer and copy editor at a major daily newspaper in New Jersey and has freelanced for a variety of newspapers and periodicals since 1984.


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