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Jan 03, 2022, 14:28 ET
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HUNTERSVILLE, N.C., Jan. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GESS RNG Biogas USA LLC ( is pleased to publicly announce four Renewable Natural Gas projects across the United States, thanks in part to successful development of a proprietary swine manure collection process that reduces the amount of manure fed into lagoons and significantly increases efficiency.  
This proprietary new process, which GESS RNG Biogas’s teams have been working on since 2018, allows swine manure to be fed into an anaerobic digester. Compared to traditional covered lagoon systems, anaerobic digesters not only improve gas production efficiency, but greatly reduce odor and atmospheric pollution from escaping gases, cold-weather production loss, limitations on material processing, and wet waste. The processed material, digestate, can be used as nutrient-rich fertilizer, biochar, or swine feed. 
GESS RNG Biogas will implement this system at two biogas plants in North Carolina. The Union County plant can accept swine manure, poultry litter, food processing byproduct, and agricultural row crops as feedstock. This plant is designed to initially produce up to 200,000 MMBtus of biogas per year, scaling up to 500,000 MMBtus per year. The Bladen County plant will collect swine manure and poultry litter from multiple surrounding farms, with initial production estimates between 160,000 and 200,000 MMBtus of biogas per year, scaling up to 500,000 MMBtus per year. 
In addition, GESS RNG Biogas is finalizing two dairy projects. The first, in Grand Rapids, MI, will have 8,000 wet cow equivalent, producing up to 150,000 MMBtus of biogas per year. The second, in Syracuse, KS, will have 16,000 wet cow equivalent, producing up to 300,000 MMBtus of biogas per year. 
On all projects, GESS RNG Biogas’s sister company, Cyclum Renewables LLC (, will be installing renewable microgrids. These microgrids will allow sites to utilize RNG, Biodiesel, and EV trucks, which can be fueled on-site, while also producing each biogas plant’s electricity. These measures will minimize the Carbon Intensity score of each plant, allowing the fuel we produce to be as sustainable as possible. Cyclum has agreed to offtake a certain portion of this RNG for use in fuel production at its coming renewable fuel truck stops. 
GESS RNG Biogas USA’s Lathan Welker stated, "we are proud to pioneer technologies that improve on the shortcomings of older methods, in terms of both efficiency and environmental responsibility. In doing so, GESS RNG Biogas hopes to continue to produce the lowest-carbon biogas possible." 
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