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“In the past, like most of us, there are times where I have found myself stuck in a bit of rut and struggled with lack of motivation when it comes to wellness,” Gemma Atkinson began. “It’s expected because no one is 100 percent motivated every single day. I’ve been lucky enough to find time to take a step back and reset my wellness, which usually has an all-round positive impact on how I feel, both mentally and physically.” Atkinson, 37, wants to “help people reset and incorporate healthy habits into their daily routine”.
One of her “top tips” is to “start your day right”; Atkinson elaborated: “Breakfast is a meal many struggle to make time for.
“With school runs, dog walks and travel time, it sometimes gets forgotten, but it doesn’t have to be a chore!
“My advice, and what I do is set aside five minutes the night before to prep.”
Atkinson recommends eating “raw oats” with whatever milk you like, with fruit, such as berries, and to leave the mixture in the fridge overnight.
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“It’s the perfect meal that gives me slow-release energy throughout the day, as well as a good portion of carbohydrates and fibre thanks to the nutritious properties of oats,” she said.
Having starred as Lisa Hunter on Hollyoaks for more than two decades, Atkinson can relate to how a busy schedule could impact dietary choices.
“With most of us having a busy, on-the-go lifestyle, eating on the go and snacking is something we all rely on.
“Some shops make it so easy to pick up crisps, or a bar of chocolate, to give you that little pick-me-up.
“However, those types of snacks are always followed by a sugar crash making us crave even more junk food.”
To help curb temptation, Atkinson “creates mixes, such as dried apricots and Brazil nuts” that she can snack on.
They’re a great option for “fibre, protein, [and] a good energy boost without the sugar crash”.
The mum-of-one, to three-year-old Mia, says that “despite our best efforts we may still feel fatigued, struggle to sleep, [and] have gut problems”.
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A post shared by Gemma Atkinson (@glouiseatkinson)
This is where “supplements can be a useful way to help support wellbeing alongside a nutritional balanced diet”.
Being on top of your health means making it a priority in your life. “Health is your priority,” she emphasised.
“I focus on staying hydrated and stretching to promote mobility. I love my weight training workouts.”
Gemma Atkinson’s circuit training
The workout
The CircuitGemma Atkinson has a protein shake after a work outAtkinson continued: “After my sessions I have a protein shake to support muscle growth and repair.
“I also try to ensure that a good night’s sleep is on the menu. It’s not always possible with a toddler, but I try nonetheless.”
Atkinson added: “I know how great it feels when you get back on track and take care of yourself.
“And I’m hoping to help people incorporate healthy habits that work for them.”
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