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By Kristine Tarbert |
Having your mornings down pat can really set you up for the rest of the day.
But sometimes life gets in the way, and despite having the best intentions our morning routines aren't as fulfilling as they could be.
Here, five women who work in the health and wellness space have shared what their morning routines look like to help inspire your own.
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Eco therapist, counsellor, fitness industry educator and presenter
Water before coffee: Hydration for the brain and body after sleep is a game changer!
Being a working mother with a full schedule, I have recently moved my workouts to first thing in the morning – 6am-7am is blocked to connect and move with a good friend. Putting my personal training skills into action has meant I am less stressed, more clear and connected going into my working day.
Before getting dressed for work, I use my infrared light therapy face mask for 10 minutes.
Then comes the school drop off. Taking the kids to school is important for me in the morning routine while not always a stress-free event, it's a time I can connect with them before their big day of learning. We also try and walk or ride to school as much as possible to get their brains and bodies emotionally regulated and ready for the day.
Work can look different from day to day, from running leadership team days, mental health first aid courses, delivering workshops on a mining site to getting out for a stand up paddle board raising awareness for mental health. The variety of flexibility is what brings me energy!
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Co founder and head of yoga at Flow Athletic
Early mornings when the rest of the family are asleep are everything. I feel more grounded and productive during the day if I have this space.
If I'm not up at 5am to teach early classes at the studio, I usually rise at 6am and make myself a glass of water with electrolytes. I sit at my altar, a quiet space in the house where I light a candle, burn some palo santo and am quiet for a few minutes while I tune in and get a sense for what 'medicine' I need that day.
Medicine is usually a mix of yoga, meditation, mantra and breathwork. Some mornings it's 15 minutes, and others I get a full hour in. If I'm lucky, by the time I finish the family is still asleep and I shower and get ready for the day.
On the days I'm not at work my partner, four-year-old daughter and I usually go for a babycino downstairs.
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MumSafe trainer and Women's Health Specialist at Body Reset Fitness
I naturally wake up before my alarm around 5.45am. During lockdown I worked on having a regular bedtime/wake up time to build a healthier mindset and became a morning person. Going to sleep early (around 9.30pm) and setting your bedroom up to be a sleep haven will work wonders.
First up, a glass of water and green tea before settling into watching/reading the news or going over my to do list for the day whilst eating overnight oats.
Each morning is alternated with either walking first with my Labrador, Buddy or jumping in the shower and getting set for the studio or outdoor sessions with clients.
I'll train clients in the morning and then my workout around 10am. If the sunshine is out, I'll choose sunshine first to go for a 4-5km walk while listening to a book before training and lunchtime clients. Sunshine and movement is a must for me.
I've found that all great morning routines have five specific things in common. They support your goals, help you feel energised, create focus and intention, elevate your mindset and are simple and easy to follow.
Head trainer at Vitruvian
In my opinion, there is no better way to start your day than getting active. I am personally not a big fan of meditating in the morning. I prefer to get active and into fresh air, which is my own type of meditation.
For me, it's important to make those early rises as convenient as possible so really my morning routine starts the night before, I prepare my clothes and place them right next to my bed, which means less excuses in the morning.
Once my alarm goes off I roll out and get changed into my activewear. From here I make my bed, this is a non-negotiable. There is no better feeling than coming home to a tidy home and made bed. It gives you a feeling of organisation and productivity.
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From here a coast walk is a must whenever I can even if I only have 20 minutes, I love starting my day with a walk and a quick dip in the ocean. I will grab a coffee on my way back and then do 30-60 minute home workout on my Trainer+.
This is the quickest and most efficient way for me to get my body moving before sitting on the desk and working for the remaining day. Keeping strong and active are my top priorities right now and this is my favourite Morning-Self-Care-Routine.
Yoga instructor for the Tammy Fit app
I wake up early in the morning for work and the first thing I do is get a big glass of water, wash my face and brush my teeth. (I try not to look at my phone until I am out of the house).
After that, I get dressed in active wear and begin one of my yoga flows on the Tammy Fit app. Even if I am teaching an early morning class, I always make sure to have some time for my own practice beforehand, even if that is just for 20 minutes. Some days my practice might look very active, some days it's very gentle and I spend more time sitting in meditation.
After yoga I can say I am ready for my day. I like having a fruit and veggie juice before I put anything else in my tummy. If it's workout day, I usually have some oats before training too and then I will have protein and a superfood smoothie after my workout. That is a must for me!
Then I am ready to go shower, pick up my books and computer to go do some work. Usually if the sun is shining I go and do my work at the beach. I believe that the way you start your day can dictate generally how the rest of your days goes. That's why I try to wake up and move my body a little, breathe deeply and allow my mind to be calm and positive for whatever the day brings!
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