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Indulge in some infused water, energy bites and daylight inside the relaxation room. Photography by Sara Zarrella Photography.
In the sun-filled relaxation room, as you wait for your much-needed spa session amidst the holiday season, sit back, sip on refreshing fruit-infused water and take a bite out of the homemade superfood energy bars, made with care by Citron Spa founder Christina Allen’s mom.
Since 2013, Citron Spa on Wayland Avenue in Providence has been using a holistic approach to esthetics while educating clients about health, wellness and the connection between both looking good and feeling good. Christina Allen is a Barrington native whose path to becoming an esthetician led her to attending a number of schools, including the Rob Roy Academy, the Aveda Institute and the Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics.
Allen also attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition for her health coach certificate, then the Harvard Divinity for her certificate in buddhism and in mindfulness-based stress reduction. She recently returned to school for her business degree at Southern New Hampshire University.
“I’ve found that taking a holistic approach in terms of lifestyle, diet, stress management and having skin care rituals really helped me with my own stress management and wellness,” says Allen, who aspires to share her life-changing methods with the community around her so they, too, can be the healthiest they can be.
Besides getting facials, massages and some time in the infrared sauna, Citron Spa founder Christina Allen recommends other methods to change up your self-care routine this fall.
One of Citron’s most popular services is unmistakably the facials, specifically the seasonal facials which include herbs that are beneficial to the senses and skin according to the season. This fall, clients can expect facial and body masks consisting of rosemary and lemon thyme, two grounding but invigorating scents.
These ingredients, sourced from locations like the Farmers Daughter in South Kingstown and Farmacy Herbs in Providence, are combined with the clinical Glo Skin Beauty products. The guest’s infrared sauna session (included with any facial or body remedy) is followed by an hour or so of bliss.
“In our facials, we do a lot of massage – face, neck and scalp – and use lots of aromatic steam towels, so stress relief and relaxation is a very big component of our facials,” says Allen. The Fall Synergy Facial features a rich smelling pumpkin enzyme tasked with removing layers of dead skin for a radiance boost.
The body zen sessions focus on stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system with a relaxation massage. In other words, get ready for hot stones, more aromatic steam towels and dry brushing, used to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the nervous system.
As the only location with a private infrared sauna, Citron’s sauna contains bountiful benefits. “The infrared sauna is heating the body at its core using infrared light so you get a much deeper, more detoxifying sweat.” says Allen. Another plus is that those who enter can stay in the infrared sauna for more time (about thirty to forty minutes), giving guests a longer period of detoxing, stimulating blood circulation, decreasing levels of cortisol and other benefits.
Outside of the spa treatments, Allen recommends other beneficial ways to care for your skin and well-being.
The Fall Synergy Facial features ingredients sourced from the Farmers Daughter in South Kingstown and Farmacy Herbs in Providence.
“For the fall, we typically go through mood and energy changes, what with the shorter days and it gets darker earlier. Having a self-care routine is definitely important for the fall to maintain balance,” says Allen. “For a good self-care routine, I would include an exercise of some sort; if it’s exercise outdoors, all the better just to get as much vitamin D as possible.”
She also suggests sticking to a healthy diet that contains whole foods and nourishing vegetables as healthy eating affects our energy and mood. Stress management is another factor that requires a lot of maintenance.
“Meditation, getting massages, facials and anything that stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system helps manage stress,” Allen says. “I would incorporate a good skin care routine as well and focus on products that are hydrating and exfoliating because the skin gets more dry in the fall.”
A benefit to having Citron Spa located by Wayland Square – “It’s a great location for anybody who wants to make a day of it,” says Allen, who encourages clients to go explore the Square after the day’s R&R and visit the eateries, yoga studios and shops.
Book an appointment from Tuesday through Sunday for your facial or full body treatment online. Also, fill out the form here to recieve your digital copy of the spa’s Wellness and Beauty Workbook. 225 Wayland Ave., Providence, 401-861-0908,

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