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We understand that being part of a residential community like Davidson can be an expensive experience, so we’re humbled to be able to offer many great services for students of any background as they make their transition from high school to college to post-Davidson.
From free food and hygiene products to business clothing and cooking equipment available to borrow, Lula Bell’s offers a wealth of resources for students of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Learn more about their services, programming and resources.
Lula Bell’s Resource Center
I’ve taken advantage of the food and textbooks, mostly. I love that Lula Bell’s gives students resources we otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford, or at least things that, if we had to buy them, would make our lives more difficult. Knowing I can borrow textbooks is huge. I’ve talked to friends at different schools, and they don’t have a resource quite like this. It’s modern and welcoming. 
Domestic students and permanent residents are considered for admission at Davidson without regard for their financial resources.
Your academic potential, character, and accomplishments are the only factors considered in admission decisions–not your ability to pay the cost of attendance. About 51 percent of our students receive need-based aid, and 70 percent receive aid from some source.
The Student Assistance for Financial Emergencies (SAFE) program assists students who are experiencing an unexpected or unavoidable financial emergency which stands to impede their educational progress towards degree completion or personal well-being.
Learn more about SAFE
Apply for the SAFE Program
I was able to study abroad due to Davidson’s Home Tuition Policy that allows my financial aid to pay for my semester abroad in Nantes, France. Additional travel grants I received gave me the opportunity to travel outside of France to visit Belgium and the Netherlands.
Financial instability and issues of mental health are often correlated, which is why we have made counseling and other important services affordable and accessible to all students. Students who have received a Federal Pell Grant may be eligible for free student health insurance through Davidson.
Learn more about Student Health and Well-Being
The Center for Student Health and Well-Being is located on 514 North Main Street at the main entrance to the college at Glasgow Street.
The Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) fosters an inclusive and welcoming environment on campus for systemically underrepresented student populations at Davidson College. The CDI pursues this goal by providing direct support services, educational programming and community building opportunities within and across social groups.
Peer Support
LGBTQIA+ Resources
Undocumented & DACA Resources
The Spencer-Weinstein Center for Community and Justice is one of many community spaces where students of all backgrounds may meet and engage in various learning opportunities presented by faculty, staff and student groups. The center sponsors and co-sponsors programs year-round such as movie screenings, trainings, discussion groups, ceremonies, cultural celebrations, talk backs, and receptions.
Time to pay your bill? We want to make it easy for students and families to navigate college accounts. Find more information on payments, tuition and fees, room and meal rates, credit balances, setting up proxy access, and more.
In addition to academic support, we work closely with other offices and departments to ensure courses, services, programs and facilities are accessible to every student. 
F-1 and J-1 International students at Davidson can apply for generous grants administered through International Student Programs.
Catalyst is an initiative of the Experiential Learning Advisory Team that centralizes grants resources for “high impact” experiential learning in the areas of undergraduate research, internships, study abroad and community based learning. Visit Catalyst for resources by category and WildcatSync for timely updates on these resources and application deadlines.
Explore Catalyst Resources by Category
Check Updates & Deadlines on WildcatSync (login required)


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