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CONTI Capital’s upcoming summit in Dubai features global experts in health, medicine and business
CONTI believes it’s critically important for any business to have a team which is physically and mentally healthy. That’s why CONTI Capital’s upcoming summit combining the topics of real estate, economics and wellness is both timely and crucial.
The line-up of distinguished speakers includes renowned medical and business experts. Dave Asprey, entrepreneur and New York Times best-selling author, will discuss biohacking, or how to embrace a wellness-focused lifestyle and make changes to optimise health. These range from the latest, most innovative methods, techniques and products for enhancing mental and physical performance, to making healthy changes to your home and environment.
James Mault, Founder and CEO of medtech firm BioIntelliSense, will speak about wearable technology and its revolutionary impact on the medical world. These cutting-edge medical-grade wearable devices allow doctors and nurses to collect data from patients outside of the hospital, offering the ability to see problems and symptoms early. This makes early intervention possible, avoiding the need for trips to the emergency room and hospitalisation, and allowing patients to be monitored from the comfort of their own homes.  
Dr. Vince Giampapa, a global expert on anti-ageing medicine, will discuss stem cells and their role in stopping the tide of ageing and creating a fountain of youth. Cellular restoration technology has the potential to improve the health of the world’s ageing seniors, while reducing healthcare costs for governments, businesses and individuals alike.
Brian Beaulieu, CEO of ITR Economics, is a leading researcher in the use of business cycle analysis and economic forecasting as tools for improving profitability. He will provide the summit with a U.S. economic outlook, informed by his expertise on how to make the most of U.S. and global trends, plus increasing profits through business cycle changes.
Carlos Vaz, Founder and CEO of CONTI Capital, will discuss multifamily real estate investing in the United States. Multifamily properties, including duplexes, townhouses, apartment complexes and condominiums, can be a solid wealth-building investment. Mr. Vaz will draw on his considerable expertise in acquiring, managing and sponsoring real estate investments to advise and guide attendees.
We may be heading into uncertain times, but that doesn’t mean your investments and health need to be unpredictable too. Get ahead of the competition and find out how to make the latest trends in economic, real estate and wellness work for you by attending our exclusive summit. Book your place here.
Founded in 2008 and with over U.S.$1 billion in assets under management, CONTI provides capital solutions to acquire, manage and sponsor real estate investments across the United States on behalf of individuals, wealth managers, and institutions. CONTI's mission is to create outstanding value for investors through active stewardship of their capital and with efforts that are backed by years of industry experience, strong company culture and a relentless drive to perform. Learn more at www.conticapital.com.


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