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An award-winning Shrewsbury glamping and touring resort, which focuses on leisure, wellness and adventure, is to host Shropshire Wellbeing Day this summer.
Love2Stay resort is collaborating with Laura Butler Coaching to organise an event for Shropshire businesses on June 29, promoting wellbeing in the workplace and support for the physical and mental health of their employees.
Coinciding with World Wellbeing Week, the event aims to build on the success of the first Shropshire Wellbeing Day in 2021, which was held remotely. Businesses can sign up for free at https://www.shropshirewellbeingday.co.uk/
About 100 Shropshire businesses were involved last year, signing up to access online toolkits and other resources.
A Shrewsbury-based health and wellness coach, Laura trained in the United States and has an international client base.
“If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that our health is everything,” said Laura. “Now, more than ever, we are encouraging businesses to support the physical and mental health of their employees.
“On June 29, we are asking employers to take a first step towards wellbeing in the workplace, no matter what size the organisation is. Mental health and wellness are now at the forefront of businesses who can see the benefit of investing in their staff. Employees now also expect it of their employers.
“We know that many businesses are passionate about doing what they can for their employees, but starting is the always the hardest part, so we are here to help.
“We have teamed up with wellness providers all over the county to deliver activities and competitions on the day as well as ongoing inspiration for creating a long term wellbeing culture in the workplace.
“This year, we are holding the day in person and it’s going to be bigger and better. We are going to livestream some of the talks but most of the programme will be on site at Love2Stay.”
Laura plans to continue working closely with Love2Stay on business packages, including corporate away days. “Love2Stay’s facilities are fantastic and there is so much we can do in terms of mental health, wellness and self-development,” she added.
Love2Stay has been carefully developed to help visitors unwind and reconnect with the world around them, whether they book a stay or just visit for the day.
Visitors are able to take a dip in a natural cold water swimming pool, which aids both mental and physical health, unwind with a yoga or Pilates class in a gym studio or splash around on a paddleboard on a recreational lake.
Activities planned for June 29 include cold water swimming, an assault course challenge, a demo and dine, yoga classes and workshops that focus on wellness in the workplace, mental health at work and domestic abuse.
“We offer a range of activities and classes to help people take some time away and enjoy a digital detox from the fast-paced life we all lead these days,” said Laura Wilde, Love2Stay’s marketing assistant.
By James Pugh
Shropshire Star Business and Farming Editor.


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