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Miami Health and Wellness Months are upon us. That means, for the next two months, putting yourself first is a main priority, and the JW Marriott Marquis can help you do just that. They have a special offer you can only get during the next few months.
Get ready to unplug and enjoy Miami Health and Wellness Months.
David Whitaker: “Miami Health and Wellness Months are one of seven Temptations Months that the Greater Miami Convention & Visitor Bureau puts on throughout the year. It’s an invitation for local and visitors alike to experience, and in this case indulge, unwind, unplug.”
Run, don’t walk, to the JW Marriott Marquis’ En.liv.en Spa and enjoy something ultra relaxing.
Miriam Niembro: “En.liv.en Spa is the right place to unwind, relax and disconnect from your daily routine.”
Being a member gets you cool perks.
Miriam Niembro: “We’re having different specials for Miami Health and Wellness Months, such as a limited offer on our gym membership with a discounted monthly price. The gym membership includes full access to our Met2 Fitness Center, access to our lockers, our sauna and 25% off of our spa treatments.”
Did someone say spa? Sign me up!
At the En.liv.en Spa you can enjoy a relaxing Swedish massage, or an organic facial to give you a new glow.
Miriam Niembro: “Aside from the benefit of making time for yourself it can help you with easing sore muscles, stress release, and having a glowing look after having that much needed facial.”
The best part? It’s all discounted, so making time for yourself doesn’t have to break the bank.
Juliette Velazquez: “I got the Swedish massage treatment, and I loved how relaxing it felt after working out at the gym, and how detailed the masseuse was. The best part of having this membership is being able to get the discounted price.”
All you have to do is just chill out, and let the hotel take care of the rest.
Miriam Niembro: “Both hotel guests and locals are welcome to apply for the membership and enjoy the countless benefits that the fitness center and spa will bring to them.”
The membership costs $49 a month.
En.liv.en Spa + Salon
JW Marriott Marquis Miami & Hotel Beaux Arts
255 Biscayne Blvd. Way
Miami, FL 33131
To purchase a membership, click here.
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