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SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – The Edgar May Health and Recreation Center is pleased to announce that Kristen Miller is joining our team as the Director of Health and Wellness.
Kristen has a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of New Mexico, is an ACSM certified clinical exercise physiologist and ACE certified health coach, has advanced certifications in nutrition, mindfulness teaching, and over 20 years of experience working with clients in both clinical and private settings. Kristen also does per diem clinical work in cardiac testing and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.
An accomplished athlete in swimming, triathlon, and CrossFit, Kristen has also experienced the struggle of trying to find a lifestyle balance. She firmly believes in a fitness and healthy living approach that focuses of the six lifestyle pillars of strength, mobility and flexibility, mindfulness, aerobic and anaerobic fitness, nutrition, and happiness. “I’m a firm believer that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to health,” says Kristen, “and I will find the one that works for you!”
Kristen has helped many individuals find their way back to moving pain free and enjoying the activities they love. “I believe that everyone can achieve and maintain health, happiness, and longevity when the right principles are applied,” she adds.
In her role as the Director of Health and Wellness at the EdgarMay, Kristen will be offering coaching and personal training, developing new wellness programs and events for the community, and working closely with Springfield Medical Care Systems’ Lifestyle Medicine program. In the next few weeks, Kristen will also be adding new meditation and mobility classes to the group fitness schedule.
“Kristen’s education, wealth of experience, and her passion and personality make her a great fit for the EdgarMay and the greater Springfield community,” says Executive Director Christian Craig. “We are excited to have her join us and expand our health and wellness programming.”
Please join us in welcoming Kristen into our Edgar May community. If you’re interested in meeting with Kristen for wellness training, fill out a wellness request card at the Front Desk or email Kristen at kmiller@edgarmay.org.
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