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GRANGER, Ind. (WNDU) – The new school year is here, and you may be packing lunches for your kids every day.
Kristin St. Clair, the Health and Wellness Advisor for Martin’s Super Markets, shared some easy ideas on 16 Morning News Now.
She said it all starts with making a guide that has all the different food groups.
Then, think about what your child likes in each food group and mix and match from there.
If they don’t like certain fruits or vegetables, you can try to fun ways to change it up. For example, try cauliflower tots, chickpea snacks or even baked green beans.
But at the end of the day, keeping it simple is key.
“School lunches are really short, so the kids have to eat quick, and we want them to just get a good balanced meal,” St. Clair said. “So, let’s send them with things that they like. So again, going back to making that list, what does your student already like?”
And when it comes to after school snacks, St. Clair suggested things with whole grain and protein, like quesadillas, a sandwich or even gram crackers and a cheese stick.
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