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2807 Greystone Commercial Blvd., Birmingham, Alabama 35242
Dr. Mia Cowan has one goal: to teach men and women to “Live Well, Age Well, and Experience Everlasting Intimacy.”
With that goal in mind, she created MiBella Wellness Center in 2010, and she has served thousands of clients over the years. 
“I always knew I would be a doctor, at least since seventh grade,” Dr. Cowan said. So she completed her undergraduate and graduate studies at University of Alabama, and then she went to medical school in Milwaukee, where she completed a residency in OB/GYN.
She returned to Alabama and practiced general OB/GYN at Cooper Green Mercy Hospital, serving underprivileged patients. 
In 2010, she received her Physician’s Executive MBA at Auburn University and was finally ready to create her own practice.
“During my MBA program at Auburn University, I began birthing MiBella, which was what I had been planning since medical school,” she said. “I also had the blessing of the MBA students at Auburn University studying and researching my business model for their semester project. They created competing business plans under the supervision of Dr. Sharon Oswald, which helped me to plan MiBella Wellness Center under the training of Dr. Sharon Oswald.”
MiBella Wellness Center offers a range of medical and wellness-related services to both men and women such as intimacy solutions, gynecology, weight management, hormone therapy and more. 
“MiBella Wellness Center is an amazing operation that improves the quality of life and aging process through total wellness for both men and women,” Dr. Cowan said. “I enjoy teaching women and men to improve their relationships and total wellness through my proven solutions.”
Dr. Cowan said her clients have told her she’s relatable and has excellent bedside manner. She works diligently to figure out an individualized clinical strategy to get her clients past their goals.
“I interact with so many young ladies searching for their purpose in life, and I get to be a part of that experience,” she said. Dr. Cowan said she mentors young women who come in and shadow or work to get more experience to further their own careers and teach their goals. “I enjoy being an example of what you can do despite color, gender or socioeconomic status, with hard work, faith, persistence and discipline.”
Dr. Cowan is also a bestselling author. In her book, “A Woman’s Guide to Total Wellness,” she unveils her 28 secrets to improving your B3: beauty, balance and belief.
MiBella Wellness Center is located off U.S. 280 near Lee Branch. This is Dr. Cowan’s third location and now has more space and more services. It is staffed by a passionate, enthusiastic team that wants the best for its patients. 
“As experts in the fields of women’s health, wellness, and men’s health, we’re the ideal choice for anyone looking for a wellness experience that puts them first,” Dr. Cowan said.
In 2022, she celebrates 12 years of seeing clients at her own practice.
“Thank you for 12 amazing years!” she said.
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