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According to the statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 out of every 8 people worldwide suffer from mental illness. The most common of these are anxiety and depression disorders. Many people do not have any better means for its treatment. Because of which it can give serious consequences.
There is no single cause of mental illness. Many factors can contribute to the risk of mental illness.
According to the NCBI, low levels of zinc can cause oxidative stress, low GABA and glutamate, which have angiogenic effects. Zinc-rich foods increase GABA levels which help improve symptoms of anxiety.
The B vitamins are a group of eight different nutrients, specifically B6, B9 (folic acid) and B12. These are essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system and can help manage anxiety. In this case, you can eat peanuts, legumes, leafy greens.
There are three types of omega-3 fatty acids, ALA, EPA and DHA. EPA gives the best results in dealing with anxiety. In this case, you can include chia seeds, flaxseed, ghee in your diet.
Magnesium nourishes the nervous system and helps prevent anxiety, fear, nervousness, restlessness and irritability. In such a situation, you can eat amaranth leaves, sunflower seeds, walnuts, bananas, apricots.
Vitamin D is a fat-soluble nutrient that is essential for brain function. In this case, you can include egg yolk, mushrooms, vitamin D fortified foods and supplements in your diet.
Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more details.

Bhagyashree Soni is a software engineer with soft writing skills. She is a degree holder from the International School of Entrepreneurial Leadership. She has been a state-level badminton champion and chess player. A woman with a forthright attitude enjoys her writing passion as her chosen career. Writing in the context of feminism, social cause and entrepreneurship is her forte.
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