Daily Consumption Of Grapes Is Linked To Longevity And Reduced Risk Of Fatty Liver Diseases: Study – Boldsky

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Diet matters a lot when it comes to living a healthy and long life. Many studies suggest that people must include lots of fruits and vegetables in their daily diet, compared to meat products, as the prior help provide most of the nutrients a human body requires and also supply us with energy and are linked to a lower risk of chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. [1]
Keeping the same in mind, John Pezzuto and his team carried out a study on the miraculous benefits of grapes and found that when the fruit is included in the diet of mice for an extended period of time, it causes changes in gene expression, lessens the severity of fatty liver, and increases the lifespan of rodents fed a high-fat, Western diet.
The study is published in the journal Foods. [2] John Pezzuto is the lead author of the study, who is also a PhD holder, dean and professor of pharmaceutics at the Western New England University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.
Take a look at the details of the study.
Fatty liver affects around 25% of the global population and has been linked to negative outcomes such as liver cancer and liver cirrhosis. [3]
According to the study, grape eating, around two cups a day, can lead to favourable changes to the genes that are normally involved in fatty liver growth. It can reduce the negative effects of high-fat or Western-pattern diets like red meat, processed foods and high-sugar foods on the body and also prevent oxidative stress, inflammatory diseases, diabetes, obesity and cancer.
Grapes not only affect gene expression but are also linked to improving the body’s metabolism and leading to a longer lifespan.
This could be due to the presence of resveratrol in grapes, which is a natural phenol, along with other antioxidants like caffeic acid, gallic acid and catechin. [4]
The California Table Grape Commission donated grapes for these experiments and helped fund them in part. The commission president, Kathleen Nave, stated that the California grape producers are pleased to have funded grape research at more than seventy universities in the United States and abroad during the past two decades.
She added that over the years, California’s grape farmers have had the opportunity to back dozens of worthwhile initiatives. Not only are the results of these studies beneficial to grape farmers and of interest to scientists, but they are also relevant to anybody interested in improving their health and wellbeing on the basis of their diet.
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle along with a proper diet is the key to good physical and mental health and longevity.


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