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Inflation is accelerating — not just gas and food prices, but also health care costs, and at much faster rates than years past. At the same time, employers are working hard to attract, care for and retain employees with relevant and comprehensive benefits.
Healthcare point solutions (e.g., diabetes or blood pressure management solutions, fitness apps, etc.) have exploded in popularity as part of healthcare benefits, but they also cost a pretty penny.  Hence data analytics prove to be vital now (more than in the past) in driving decisions around offering, expanding, or discontinuing various ancillary benefit programs. The rise in the availability of new data types from these solutions enable nuanced and sophisticated analyses to determine the value of the whole benefits or “total rewards” packages as they are dubbed.
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The results of this year’s survey show a system still holding strong despite years of turmoil. But will the weaknesses soon be exposed?
Alan Goforth |
1 in 3 employees say the top reason for seeking a new job was better compensation and benefits. Employees also want flexibility, or a better work-life balance.
Alan Goforth |
Large employers and health plans offering HSA-eligible plans have expanded pre-deductible coverage for medications and services that prevent the exacerbation of chronic conditions, which has minimal impact on premiums.
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Webinar Case Study: How Los Angeles Regional Food Bank Tackled Employee Benefits During COVID
Watch this on-demand webinar and learn how you can help your clients tackle improving their employee health benefits during hard times without changing their medical carrier; allowing their employees to access healthcare when they need it and not just when they could afford it.
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The True Cost of Cutting Healthcare Coverage
Quick stats you and your clients need to know.
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White Paper
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How Higher Quality of Care Saves You (And Your Employees) Money
Your employees need quality healthcare at a price they can afford, and it’s your responsibility to drive the change your community and employees need. Plus, better care costs less for both employers and employees. Download this white paper to learn how you can effectively measure your healthcare data to gain clarity on the appropriateness, effectiveness and total cost of care.
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