Crosswinds Counseling and Wellness reminding residents of the importance of maintaining proper mental health during the holiday season – KVOE

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With the holidays in full swing, Crosswinds Counseling and Wellness is reminding residents to keep a mental health checklist alongside their wishlist.
Crosswinds CEO Amanda Cunningham recently joined KVOE’s Morning Show to discuss some of the biggest concerns that can accompany the holiday season including stress. Cunningham says mental stress is a common occurrence this time of year as residents typically have a myriad of stressors placed upon them.
Cunningham also says finances can play a major role in stress and mental health during this time of year as individuals feel they have to meet certain standards or expectations. She says it is very important for residents not to buy into societal standards and to live within a budget to avoid additional financial-related stress down the road.
Another common theme that can weigh on an individual’s mental health this time of year is the loss of a loved one. Cunningham says the absence of certain individuals can stir up strong emotions and make the holiday season a very difficult time.
She says one of the most important ways to handle these emotions is to not bottle them up.
If you or someone you know may be struggling with your mental health this holiday season, Crosswinds offers a range of services to assist you through any difficult times including outpatient therapy, a medication clinic and 24/7 emergency services. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Crosswinds contact them by calling 620-343-2211 or 800-279-3645.
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