Consumers Tap Technology to Take Their Health Into Their Own Hands –

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Care Credit - Connected Wellness: Tracking The Rise Of Health-Tracking Technology - November 2022 - Discover more about the latest trends in health-tracking wearables, apps and sites
Health-monitoring technologies are helping consumers take their health into their own hands — quite literally. Ninety-seven million U.S. consumers used some type of health monitoring technology in October 2022, but 37 million used these technologies daily.
Connected Wellness: Tracking The Rise Of Health-Tracking Technology,” a PYMNTS and CareCredit collaboration, delivers the details of who uses health trackers — and how much they use them. We surveyed a census-balanced panel of 2,668 U.S. consumers to determine which health-tracking devices and apps have captured consumers’ hearts.

Key findings from our research include the following:
Half of U.S. consumers now use wearables or apps to monitor their health. Across the country, 97 million consumers used a device, app or website to track their health or vitals at least once in October 2022, and their numbers are growing.
Twice as many affluent consumers use wearables or apps as lower-income consumers. Sixty-three percent of high-income consumers adopted these technologies in October, far ahead of their low-income counterparts, of which 34% use them.
Even among enthusiastic adopters, few consumers use health-related technologies in their daily routines. Just 18% of all consumers use wearable technology daily, and just 14% use health-tracking apps and sites each day.
This is only the first piece of a much broader story about how health and wellness tracking technology is reshaping consumers’ relationship with their health and wellness. To learn more, download the report.
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