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Maven accelerates tracking and reporting of monkeypox
Company’s Maven® Disease Surveillance & Outbreak Management Platform and epidemiologist team deliver comprehensive support to agencies across 28 jurisdictions, worldwide

The technology platform has been integral in the management of such diseases as COVID-19, Ebola, Zika, measles, tuberculosis, HIV, STDs, influenza, polio and monkeypox
FLORHAM PARK, N.J., Sept. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Conduent Incorporated (Nasdaq: CNDT), a global technology-led business process solutions company, has been deeply engaged in disease surveillance for the past 20 years with the development of the Maven® Disease Surveillance & Outbreak Management Platform. Maven has enabled health professionals to quickly scale their response to the public health emergency declared for monkeypox by incorporating the recommendations and requirements of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) into the platform.
In addition to regular updates to Maven’s contact tracing, case, outbreak, and incident management capabilities, Conduent employs seasoned epidemiologists to support public health organizations (PHO) that have been overextended by the sustained response to COVID-19.
Maven is used by public health officials, medical providers, and epidemiologists to facilitate the core mission of public health — prevention, mitigation, and protection — during an outbreak crisis. The U.S. deemed monkeypox a public health emergency in early August, giving PHOs access to additional resources to ramp up education, testing, and contact tracing in their jurisdictions and to improve coordination with local health and community-based organizations. The declaration also requires more robust and immediate data sharing with the CDC, which Maven enables.
“While public health teams remain stretched thin for resources and time as the spread of infectious disease continues, the need to respond rapidly to new and ongoing threats to their communities’ health remains vital. The Maven technology platform, combined with the knowledge of Conduent’s experienced epidemiologists, supports our clients in sustaining heightened vigilance to stop the spread of highly contagious diseases such as monkeypox,” said Lydie Quebe, General Manager of Government Health Solutions at Conduent. “Maven is highly configurable to meet the needs of specific geographies and populations and automates inter-agency information sharing to achieve faster containment of infectious diseases.”
Monkeypox marks the seventh global health emergency declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) over the last 15 years. In each instance, Maven has helped PHO worldwide accomplish the work of protecting public health while securely tracing and monitoring patients infected with, or exposed to, dire communicable diseases. Maven is used across 28 jurisdictions —in the U.S. and internationally— to manage cases of more than 100 reportable conditions. The technology platform has been, and remains, integral in the management of such diseases as COVID-19, Ebola, Zika, measles, tuberculosis, HIV, STDs, influenza, polio and monkeypox.
About Conduent
Conduent delivers mission-critical services and solutions on behalf of businesses and governments – creating exceptional outcomes for its clients and the millions of people who count on them. Through our dedicated people, processes, and technologies, Conduent solutions and services enhance customer experience, increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve performance for most Fortune 100 companies and more than 500 government entities. Whether it’s touching three out of every four health insured lives and delivering 45% of SNAP payments in the U.S. or enabling 1.3 billion customer service interactions and empowering 10 million employees through HR services worldwide, Conduent services and solutions interact with millions of people every day and move our clients’ operations forward. Learn more at
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