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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) – At a press conference Friday, Columbus Mayor Skip Henderson announced a new health and wellness initiative.
The program is aimed to help underserved communities live a healthier lifestyle.
The Apple Body Project, which is part of the mayor’s health commission, will offer mobile resources and education opportunities throughout the area.
According to health experts, an apple body shape is when the waist is one times more than the hip size, creating more stomach fat.
Mayor Henderson says the idea behind the project will help many people avoid health issues related to weight.
“So, we’ve got a lot of folks with hypertension, chronic heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and we see cancer a lot in our communities, too,” the mayor said. “And a lot of these things can be impacted by the educational message.”
Residents can look forward to educational information, a mobile health clinic, farmers market, and a recreation unit that will come right to their communities.
The Apple Body Project is set to start by late spring or early summer.
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