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CIBC supporting employee health with wellness platform
The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce is supporting employee wellness with a new platform that focuses on healthy lifestyle tips and group well-being challenges.
The platform allows employees to access a variety of health and wellness resources from anywhere, get personalized well-being information created by experts and learn easy ways to be more active and eat well with daily tips and nutrition guides.
“Well-being is a huge deal for us and has been over the last couple of years,” says Jackie Goldman, senior vice-president of rewards, recognition and performance at CIBC. “We truly care about helping our employees get their well-being to the place they want it to be. Our well-being strategy focuses on your mind, life, body and finances and [this platform] is an incredible tool to empower our team to make small achievable changes that will result in meaningful outcomes.”
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One of the main benefits of the new platform is engagement, she notes, because it’s very personalized and provides succinct advice that’s easy to follow. It also offers group challenges that can help employees stay motivated. “You can set up well-being challenges for yourself or your colleagues and you can also invite up to 10 people who aren’t employees of CIBC,” says Goldman. “It’s so [great] to go on a collective well-being journey with family and friends.”
She believes wellness initiatives are becoming much more of an expectation when people are considering joining a company and they want to see proof their employer is truly committed to their well-being. “Ultimately this is an incredible win-win situation because, if we take steps to enable employees to be at their best for themselves, that means they’ll also be at their best for our bank and our clients.”

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