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Chris Hemsworth is many things, and one of them is really strong. The “Thor: Love and Thunder” star puts hours of work in the gym and has amazing trainers to keep him motivated and focused and he wants to give you the same opportunity to look fit and healthy. Hemsworth started a holistic health and wellness app called Centr with his wife Elsa Pataky, and this year they are giving away 1000 lifetime membership packages. See what Hemsworth said about the opportunity and how to enter the contest below.
Hemsworth has put his body through vigorous workouts and eating regimes over the years to get his God-like figure, but not without help. The actor exclusively told HOLA! USA “I spend a lot of my life working with incredible experts in the fields of health, nutrition, mindfulness, and training, so I thought, ‘Why not share that? That’s why we created Centr. And that’s why we’re giving you the chance to spend a lifetime with this amazing team behind you every step of the way.”
To enter into the contest
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The health and fitness program puts Hemsworth‘s team of experts on your phone with workouts, meal plans, and meditations personalized to help you achieve your goals. “This is the team that helps me live the way I want to live and be the best I can be. With Centr, I’m able to share that with people all over the world. And now, we’re sharing that for a lifetime. This is about living healthier and happier for the long-term,” he told HOLA! USA.
The lifetime membership comes with Centr Pass and includes exclusive access to:
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Entries close Thursday, January 14, 12 PM AEDT, and winners will be announced on January 18, 2022.
Chris Hemsworth ditches ice baths for a shirtless ‘snow bath’ to soothe his muscles
Watch Chris Hemsworth dunk Elsa Pataky in the snow
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