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A tool has reopened to help struggling families
In positive news for families in the United States earning little or no money at all, a tool is reopening that allows them to claim Child Tax Credit payments.
Back in 2021, for couples making less than 150,000 dollars or singles making less than 75,000 dollars, the full 3,600 dollar Child Tax Credit was available.
Many eligible families were able to claim up to 1,800 dollars followed by another 1,800 dollars on their tax returns this year.
In terms of eligibility for the payments, that was determined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) based on the applicant’s 2019 or 2020 tax returns.
Not everyone has filed their tax returns though, especially likely for those not earning much money or any at all.
For that reason, two tools were launched in 2021, one from the IRS and one from GetCTC in collaboration with the White House and nonprofit tech organization, Code for America. The GetCTC portal is not reopening.
The main point of it is that it is free to use and does not require any tax documents.
In order to claim money using the GetCTC portal, eligible families will have to fill out an online form through the portal.
There are some circumstances where people may not be eligible. One is if you previously had the Child Tax Credit reduced or disallowed by an IRS investigation and have not filed Form 8862 since.
Others include if you want to file Form 8832 in order to claim a child who does not live with you, claiming a qualifying relative under a multiple support agreement, not claiming children for the child tax credit this year but received advance payments in 2021.
Also, you are not eligible if you bought or sold cryptocurrency in 2021 or if you earned more than 12,500 dollars in total income.
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