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It’s called the Community Health Survey, Chautauqua County’s effort to find out what residents see as the health issues of this time. Those residents are being asked to fill out the survey, whether on paper or online by March 15.
Obviously, COVID is a big issue across the county and the country.
“There’s some COVID questions in there,” said Nurse and Public Health Planner Shelly Wells. So hopefully that will give us a little bit of a handle on how people are feeling about that. I hope to get a good response. We like to think that a lot of the success in the things we do here comes from collaboration with partners.”
Wells said there are also questions about drugs and mental health and room for residents to put in their priorities. She cited the mix of mental health and drugs as an area of interest.
“Chautauqua County Mental Hygiene. We have an initiative called Combat Addiction CHQ. And so, some questions that they provided, put in there to try to get some information about mental health, substance use and understanding of resources that are available for recovery,” she said.
Wells said the survey results are used to make health plans for the future and that’s why she would like as large a pool of surveys as possible. The last time this was done was in 2019, before COVID.
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