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A nationwide chain of coronavirus testing sites known as the Center for COVID Control is facing increasing scrutiny as details emerge about the company and its primary laboratory, now under investigation by state and federal officials.
The company and its partner lab, Doctors Clinical Lab, provide "inaccurate and deceptive" test result information and have fraudulently reported negative test results, the Minnesota Attorney General's Office alleged in a consumer-protection lawsuit.
The Illinois-based Center for COVID Control launched in 2020 and, at its peak, was operating more than 300 testing sites across at least 26 states, processing about 80,000 tests a day, according to the company.
The sites have the lowest rating the Better Business Bureau can give a business, and dozens of people across 18 states have reported concerns about the sites to USA TODAY.
The company and lab are under investigation by the Illinois Attorney General's Office and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The Oregon Department of Justice is also investigating the company on suspicion of Unfair Trade Practices Act violations.
This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Center for COVID Control coronavirus testing sites under investigation
The health care system is starting to stabilize in the wake of limitations imposed on Jan. 5, Ford told a news conference, saying Omicron cases should peak later this month. In neighbouring Quebec, premier Francois Legault said he would maintain restrictions to help protect the health care system even though Omicron cases had peaked.
When images of Border Patrol agents on horseback aggressively corralling Haitian migrants filled the airwaves in September, immigration advocates were shocked to see cruelty that rivaled anything they'd denounced under former President Trump.What followed was not the reckoning on immigration enforcement that President Biden's allies in immigration advocacy expected, but a top-level push to send immigration to the back burner in favor of other…
Democratic National Committee insiders are debating how to handle the disappointments of President Biden’s biggest legislative fallouts, adding to the already mounting sense of despair in a party searching for a 2022 comeback.
"We urge all people, friends and Muslims from around the world to help our nation," Akhund told a news conference in his first major public broadcast appearance since he assumed the role in September.Foreign powers have been reluctant to recognize the Taliban administration which took over Afghanistan in August. Western nations led by the United States have frozen billions of dollars worth of Afghan banking assets and cut off development funding that once formed the backbone of Afghanistan's economy.Akhund and other Taliban administration officials made an appeal at the news conference, also attended by United Nations officials, for a loosening of restrictions on money into the country, blaming its growing economic crisis on the freezing of funds.The international community has ramped up humanitarian aid, designed to address urgent needs and largely bypass official channels. But as the country faces a cash crunch and a deteriorating economy over the harsh winter, millions of people have plunged into poverty.The U.N. Secretary General's Special Representative for Afghanistan, Deborah Lyons, also spoke at the event, saying Afghanistan's economic crisis was a serious problem that needed to be addressed by all countries.
A seasoned Minnesota health official who has played a central role in the state's COVID-19 response is stepping down. What's new: MDH infectious disease director Kris Ehresmann announced Thursday that she will retire in February after a long career in public health.Stay on top of the latest market trends and economic insights with Axios Markets. Subscribe for freeFlashback: Ehresmann has been a regular presence in the state's COVID-19 briefings for the past two years. But before that, she was a
A federal agency is investigating what the Center for COVID Control says is its primary lab and clinical testing vendor partner, Doctors Clinical Lab.
In their relentless drive to eliminate the coronavirus, authorities in China and Hong Kong have zeroed in on new targets: international mail and hamsters.
President Joe Biden is heading into his second year in office without making any significant progress on his key campaign initiatives.
Attorneys have until Jan. 27 to file orders before judge decides whether to grant temporary restraining orders.
The United States will not resume economic assistance to Sudan that was paused after a coup unless there is an end to violence and a civilian-led government is restored, a statement posted by the U.S. embassy in Khartoum on Thursday said. The statement, issued during a visit to Sudan by two senior U.S. envoys, said the United States would consider measures to hold accountable those responsible for a failure to move forward on a political transition and create a "peaceful environment" for it to proceed. During their visit, Assistant Secretary of State Molly Phee and Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa David Satterfield called for independent investigations into deaths and injuries among those protesting against the military since the Oct. 25 coup.
The Illinois-based Center for Covid Control chain is also being investigated by federal and state authorities.
Thursday marks President Biden's first year in office. CBS News political contributor Joel Payne and Steve Hayes, co-founder, CEO and editor of The Dispatch, share their analysis on how the president is doing and what Republicans and Democrats need to do this year to tackle their agendas.
Teachers, parents and school directors have struggled to cope with the many twists and turns in COVID rules on schools.New testing requirements announced a day before schools restarted after the Christmas holidays, and changed twice since, increased the anger.It was also revealed that Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer was on holiday in the Spanish island of Ibiza when health measures were decided.French Prime Minister Jean Castex was due later on Thursday to announce a timetable for the lifting of the last measures in place, despite the wave of Omicron infections tearing through the country having not reached its peak.France reported nearly half a million coronavirus infections on Wednesday.
Oceanside residents will be able to get up to three N95 masks for free starting next week. See where and when you can get yours.
Experts say Activision employees' scandalous discrimination claims — and any reputational harm — are now housed under the Microsoft brand.
Almost two years into the pandemic, the government is shipping free tests and masks to millions of voters — will they thank the president in November?
The NFL is asking the courts to dismiss Jon Gruden's lawsuit
The Biden administration plans to begin shipping free masks this week, making them available late next week, as the omicron surge breaks records.
The dispute could land in federal court, Gov. Kevin Stitt wrote to Choctaw Chief Gary Batton and Cherokee Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr.
Staff at the CDFW office of communications education and outreach answer readers’ questions about California outdoor recreation and wildlife.


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