• Life came to Standstill
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    When Life came to a Standstill!

    It wasn’t one of the normal, cheerful days, but spine-chilling and cynically bleak when the Government imposed an indefinite lockdown for the first time in March last year following the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. Shops padlocked, offices downed their shutters, schools and colleges closed down, and then there was a complete closure of all establishments, followed by an open-ended curfew world over. Life came to a standstill for all of us. The initial period of the pandemic was very harrowing. The catchphrase was the rampant nature of the virus and no treatment in near-sight for the same. People’s movements were curtailed and they were advised to stay indoors. Furthermore,…

  • Student Pshycology on Pandemic
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    Students’ Psychology in Pandemic

    I liked this extract from a CNN report, that school dropout doesn’t happen in a day, it happens slowly. Students get a little behind, they get more behind, they can’t imagine catching up, so they give up. And, the pandemic has made falling behind much easier. True to the words, when the pandemic had imposed a sudden and indefinite lockdown globally, most of the students thought that they would never return to school. While the brilliant students prayed for the schools to reopen, the back-benchers (for whom education is a drag) took advantage of the opportunity and started to drop out of schools on their own accord. And, not to…

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    The Top Ten Vaccine Companies

    I am a Pantomath (google search fanatic) and I remember reading about the deadly coronavirus in some American research paper where it claimed that the human coronavirus was first discovered in the 1960s. In 1984, the researchers upheld that there was no cure as such for the virus and that it will be difficult to manage it at the time of an outbreak. So, when it hit us first in December 2019, I witnessed my worst nightmare coming to life. Without hope of any vaccine in near sight, we started to live under the perpetual fear of death approaching us inch by inch every passing day. Some called it the…

  • COVID new symptoms

    March of the New Symptoms of The Second Wave!

    While we were equipping ourselves to fight COVID-19 with vaccination and started to imagine that we have finally got a grip on the virus, shocking reports of the virus undergoing mutations and producing new variants (with new symptoms) subsequently started to make rounds. We have already discussed the advent of the second wave in our last article. In this article, we will be discussing various symptoms in detail and also how we can manage the mild symptoms with first aid, and till we see a doctor, if necessary. The symptoms of the new wave vary from red eyes/conjunctivitis, breathlessness, chest pain, diarrhea, nausea, and many more. But what is more…

  • Surviving 2nd wave of corona
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    Surviving The 2nd Wave of Corona

    ‘This too shall pass away’ this famous Persian adage seems to be defeating us again and again in the case of COVID-19. Despite every effort put in the last 17 months, it refuses to go away. While the world is barely done with the first wave, the 2nd wave of coronavirus has already arrived, and the 3rd wave of coronavirus is waiting in ambush, given the higher number of flowing viruses due to its mutations and new variants. If you are lucky enough to be healthy in COVID-haunted Delhi and Mumbai, life feels strangely disconnected. There’s an impromptu lockdown. The normally noisy city is silent except for the sounds of…