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QUINCY (WGEM) – Self-Care Saturday: A Women’s Wellness Event hosted by Blessing returned this Saturday after being postponed due to COVID the past two years.
More than 15 vendors of certified health professionals were available to talk to women about healthcare ranging from skincare, mammograms, mental health and more.
Barb Richmiller was one out of hundreds who attended Self-Care Saturday.
“Many women are caregivers for other people and that is great,” Richmiller said. “But they really need to start with their self, because if anything happens to you, who takes care of the person you’re taking care of?”
Richmiller said she’s been to several of these women’s wellness events to serve as a reminder to check in on herself.
“They help remind you that you should get mammograms,” Richmiller said. “And that you should take care of your skin and some things that people maybe put off during COVID.”
Blessing’s Corporate Communications Director Lisa Neisen said women can often neglect their health by missing routine check-ups.
“I think a big thing right now, the studies really are showing, that they delay their screenings, especially their mammograms,” Neisen said. “So we do have staff here today that are available to schedule mammograms, the skincare is also another big issue.”
Neisen said the coordinators wanted to make sure every woman in town, no matter how busy they were, could have a chance to attend, which is why they added a children’s play area this year provided by the Quincy Children’s Museum.
“We know it’s hard for children to come out or to get a sitter,” Neisen said. “So we wanted to invite them with their children, so they can walk around and we can entertain them.”
They plan to hold a Self-Care Saturday annually in case you missed this year’s event.
If you have a concern about your health or wellness you can call the Blessing Resource Center at 217-277-5000.
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