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Good morning, Poynter Report readers. A couple of things before we get started today. First, thank you for continuing to read and support this newsletter. Second, I’m going to take a short break and the Poynter Report is going on summer vacation. Just for a week. We will return on Tuesday, July 19. See you then.
Now on to big news out of the United Kingdom, some media tidbits and some notable journalism to catch up on this weekend.
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A resignation for Boris Johnson, a Post gig for ​​David Shipley, a White House Correspondents’ Association presidency for Kaitlan Collins, and more.
Plus, workplaces face the cost of long-COVID, why airline travel is so difficult, western states have two months to make a water deal, and more.
Voting falsehoods, threats and COVID-19’s lingering effects have made recruiting poll workers more challenging, but they are stepping up nationwide.
Sharing contact information helps reporters gain followers and receive story tips. It also opens them up to online harassment.
Alt News journalist Mohammed Zubair is facing the wrath of Indian authorities.
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