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The company produces and supplies a variety of products for health, wellness, and nutrition as well as for skin, hair, oral, and home care. This vast portfolio of health and wellness products indicates that Indiashoppe is a one-stop solution for Ayurvedic requirements.
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Updated: 01 Aug 2022 5:18 pm

In Indian culture, the use of Ayurvedic products is a common practice.  For ages, Indians have been treating all kinds of illnesses, whether it is a chronic ailment or a small cut with homemade or ready-to-use medicines and remedies based on Ayurveda. In these modern times, with the awareness around nature based lifestyle, beauty, wellness and health products growing, Ayurveda has once again become a practice to follow. Also, due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a general increase in awareness and use of Ayurvedic remedies and treatments. By 2025, it is anticipated that the country's market for Ayurveda is expected to exceed INR 1000 billion.   
Reaching out to over 13000 families country-wide, majorly in tier-2 and tier-3 cities  
Cashing on the rising awareness and demand for Ayurvedic products, Indiashoppe , a D2C brand is making Ayurvedic products available at the customers' doorsteps across the country, especially in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Thanks to its vast product range in the beauty, lifestyle, health and wellness segments, India Shoppe is showcasing an impressive growth in business, which is expected to reach INR  1675 crore by 2025 from INR 100 crore in 2013-14. Implying that the CAGR of the company is close to 22%, which is rather spectacular given the economic conditions in the last four years. The company’s business has grown astronomically and it is delivering health and wellness products to over 13000 households in cities like Jaipur, Baroda, Nasik, Madurai and Guwahati along with metros. India Shoppe is aiming to grab a larger chunk of the market, by working towards a larger objective: To award Ayurveda its due credit.  
Addressing the problem of unavailability of Ayurveda products 
India Shoppe works on an Omni-channel business model with a significant presence in tier-2 and tier-3 cities. The major problem of the customers is that they don’t have access to good-quality Ayurvedic products. And Indiashoppe, aims to address this problem by providing Ayurvedic solutions at the customers’ doorstep with the help of an integrated E-commerce model with more than 646 PUCs (Pick-Up Centre) and over 51 physical stores, nationwide. 
Offering several solutions 
The company produces and supplies a variety of products for health, wellness, and nutrition as well as for skin, hair, oral, and home care. This vast portfolio of health and wellness products indicates that Indiashoppe is a one-stop solution for Ayurvedic requirements. Also, the company would soon be adding a hygienic and comfortable Sanitary-pad, a refreshing mouth-wash, a neutralizing antacid capsule, a relieving Head-balm, and a smooth and a speedy shoe-shiner to its list of products.  
Good quality is the key to success 
The growth of the company can be attributed to its high quality products. In a short period,  Indiashoppe has created a loyal customer base across the country because it is one of the few companies in the nation which has adopted an open and transparent approach regarding the quality of ingredients. Also, Indiashoppe adheres to FSSAI and ISO 9001:2015 standards to maintain the health and safety of the products it offers. The company invests constantly in research to come up with safe and good quality products and boasts 100 per cent vegetarian and chemical-free health and wellness products based on the tried and tested practices of Ayurveda.   
Customer is the king  
Understanding today's competitive world and the importance of a customer, Indiashoppe treats its customers with top priority. There is a dedicated team to take care of the customer’s requirements, ask for their feedback and improve the products.  
High on innovation   
This D2C brand believes in innovation in every aspect, be it inventory management, logistics or supply chain Indiashoppe has introduced automation and digitization to ensure the highest standards in the entire system, seamless operations and streamlined supply chain warehousing functions.   
Summing up  
Indiashoppe is committed to supplying the best Ayurvedic products to customers without incurring excessive costs. With its customer-centric strategy which ensures the availability of good quality Ayurvedic products at the doorsteps of its customers, Indiashoppe is successfully moving forward to revolutionise the Ayurvedic product sector in India.  
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