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YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) – Arizona Western College’s (AWC) Health and Wellness Center opened a nook dedicated to students who use mental health services or who just want a quiet and safe place to study.
The room will have a grand opening in August prior to the new school year.
Mental health plays a major factor in a student’s success in college.
A survey conducted by TimelyMD shows that 60% of students think mental health services are a big part of what college campus they chose to attend.
Director of Student Resources Services, Laura Sandigo says innovative funding from AWC was used to create a wellness nook at the Health and Wellness Center.
It can be used for in-person and zoom appointments or for students to relax and de-stimulate.
“We can do group therapy sessions or group talks with their student counseling professional or with TimelyCare on the monitor and they can work together and have support,” said Sandigo.
Incoming freshman at AWC, Elizabeth Cordova shares what she thinks of the free mental health services offered.
“The Health and Wellness Center is available for everyone and I think it’s nice that AWC has provided us with it,” said Cordova.
According to the Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds, 73% of college students experience some sort of mental health crisis during college.
Making sure mental health services are readily available on college campuses for students is a necessity.
“We have a TimelyCare service that is available free of charge for all of our students. It’s 24/7 talk now or they can speak with a licensed counselor in 2,3,4 minutes,” said Sandigo.
Students seeking help are offered six free counseling sessions a semester through AWC.
The services are held by licensed counselors in the state of Arizona who can refer students to psychiatrists if need be.
TimelyMD’s website says colleges and universities have to take into account what every student needs and has access to, quoting a study by Healthy Minds showing that 60% of college undergrads struggle with getting access to any form of mental health care.
Jacqueline Aguilar was born and raised in Yuma, Arizona. The University of Arizona 2021 graduate started working her first professional newsroom job at KYMA in January 2022.
Contact Jacqueline at
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