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Rebel is taking her IG followers on the grand tour. You don’t want to miss it.
If you’re a Rebel Wilson fan you’ve probably heard about her favorite health retreat, which she has credited in aiding her roughly 80 pound weight loss journey. Well, the actress is back at VivaMayr this week after a long and blissful vacay with her new girlfriend, Ramona Agruma, and shared a day in the life with her followers on her Instagram story.
Rebel previously stayed at the luxury wellness resort in Austria in 2019. She loved it so much that she returned towards the end of 2020 to get a head start on her New Year’s resolutions. She hoped to “boost my immune system and lose my last two kilos,” the Senior Year star told People.
However, Rebel says going back isn’t about the number on the scale. “It really isn’t about that,” she said. “I was doing some unhealthy things to my body and I just wanted to change it and become a healthier person.”
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If you’re as curious about this fancy wellness resort as I am, then you’re in luck. Below is everything there is to know about a typical day at the VIP retreat, VivaMayr.
VivaMayr is a high-end health and wellness retreat located in Austria. And yes, it’s just as fabulous as it sounds.
The resort combines four elements to create its signature health concept: personalized health and diet, Modern Mayr Medicine, innovative medical technology, and lifelong support, according to their website. Basically, they focus on nutrition, movement and mental strength.
The center also uses the “Mayr Method” to revamp their clients’ diets by cutting out snacking, reducing gluten and dairy, and even changing how people chew their food. Staple dishes are made up of whole foods with high alkaline content, like vegetables, fish, and sheep’s milk yogurt.
The retreat has two locations in Austria—one in Altaussee and the other in Maria Wörth. There are also day clinic options in London, New York City, Vienna, and an upcoming Istanbul destination.
The basic one-week long program costs roughly $2,187, based on retreat materials. This price doesn’t include the accommodation fee, and extra supplements, medication, and special lab tests can also up the price tag.
As the program types get longer and more specific, the price increases. For example, a week-long weight-loss retreat costs about $3,302.
For two weeks, Rebel likely paid a base fee of $4,566, plus however much her room cost. And I can tell you that she had a beautiful lake view that probably didn’t come cheap.
Rebel isn’t the only A-lister to take advantage of this oasis. Actress Elizabeth Hurley also spent a week at VivaMayr back in 2018, calling it a “brutal” detox, according to Hello Magazine.
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Other celebrity guests include Millie Mackintosh, Karlie Kloss, Suki Waterhouse, and the Rolling Stones.
Rebel posted a photo of herself with Melanie Griffith and Carly Steel while enjoying their time at the resort.

Rebel took followers through her entire day on IG. Here is Rebel’s daily schedule provided by the resort:
Her day begins at 7 a.m. with a 90-minute walk around a picturesque lake.
Next, she changes into her swimsuit for a cryotherapy session. Cryotherapy is the process of lowering your surface temperature enough to trigger your body’s fight or flight response, causing blood to rush to your heart and vital organs to keep your core temperature up, a chiropractic sports practitioner explained to WH. Supposedly, the process is effective for healing, metabolism-boosting, and burning body fat.
After that, Rebel heads to breakfast, where she eats avocado mousse, manchego cheese, and an oat roll, accompanied by linseed oil. She also takes two supplements which are provided by the resort based on the program she selected.
Following breakfast, she meets with an osteopath who helps realign Rebel and gave her helpful tips for maintaining a strong posture.
Break time! Rebel catches up on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills because well, she’s still human like the rest of us.
For lunch, it’s a potato dish (she doesn’t go into details) and then it’s time for her afternoon appointments. She gets a vitamin infusion while doing oxygen training (which is supposed to help burn fat quicker) at the same time.
Dinner takes place from 5:30 to 7 p.m. and Rebel calls her soup dish “not that interesting.” She notes that the dinners are small to aid the cleansing of your digestive system.
Rebel also mentions in her story that the majority “of your immune system is in your digestive system,” which holds up! Good to know!
Rebel signed off her IG day-in-the-life vlog by saying she “tries to come back for two weeks every year now.” And she said she might post before and after pics, so stay tuned.
Thanks for bringing us along, Reb!


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