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Valued clients in the UAE share life-altering experiences
Looking for a little motivation? Valued clients from the UAE’s top gyms, fitness centres, boutique studios, fitness solutions providers and healthy meal planners in the UAE share life-altering experiences
I chose Warehouse Gym because I had seen a lot of positive reviews online and decided to give it a try. Warehouse Gym has a wow factor in both their aesthetic and the equipment they have that you cannot deny. Combine that with the friendly staff and members and it’s a no brainer. What I love about Warehouse is each gym is different so depending on my mood or if you feel like a change, you could use one of the other locations.
I have trained at Warehouse Gym since arriving in Dubai back in 2017. I’ve used the warehouse for both my natural bodybuilding seasons, taking me to the world championships in 2019. I would not exchange my membership at Warehouse Gym for any other gym facility in the Middle East.
Warehouse Gym has the best customer service in the fitness industry. Its management and staff never make you feel like you are walking into a gym. They make you feel at home the moment you step in their facilities, making sure your overall experience is exceptional, and ensuring you have a good training session. Instead of dreading your workout or feeling intimidated to go to the gym you feel welcomed and supported.
I’ve been training with my coach, Fadel, at Embody for over 10 months and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I lost 16kg, 20 per cent body fat, and I’m now in the best shape of my life at the age of 37, only a few months after being in the worst shape of my life.
I thought that my time to be strong and fit had passed, but I can now say that it’s never too late. I could not recommend Embody highly enough, as their coaches are incredibly professional and dedicated to helping their clients achieve their goals.
I have been attending Punch since the summer of 2020. I was drawn to Punch by the unique style of the studio and its energetic atmosphere. Through this time, I have seen a lot of personal growth and advancement in my personal fitness and health. I have also developed great relationships with the trainers as well as other clients.
Punch has truly managed to build a genuine family vibe at the gym. The constantly evolving programmes and trainers never make you bored with the workouts. I’m always recommending Punch to friends – it helped shape my fitness journey and get the best experiences out of Abu Dhabi.
Reform Athletica is close to where I live, and I first got to know about the studio from two of my friends when I was out looking for something new to introduce to my fitness routine.
I love Reform Athletica as it’s a personalised fitness experience. I actually appreciate the fact that the instructors pay attention to you to ensure you are improving at every class rather than just attending. They challenge me! I have been a client since December 2020 and I do two classes per week. It has been extremely complementary to my overall fitness routine. In terms of changes in my body – 100 per cent noticeable.
I chose FitnGlam because my friend wouldn’t stop raving about the club!  She invited me to join her one day so I tried a few of the amazing machines in the gym, then a class, and I’ve been hooked ever since. To be honest, I didn’t have a specific goal in mind and I wasn’t trying to lose weight or even get stronger. Since I joined, I have noticed my clothes fit better and I love the boxing classes so my arms are looking great!
I’ve started personal training for the first time and am shocked by the results. My trainer is so supportive and has introduced me to the in-house dietitian to help me improve my eating habits.
I had heard that Matrix is by far the leading fitness equipment company in the market, but after ordering all the equipment for Champs Sports and Fitness Club, I have to say that I loved everything about their equipment, accessories and the biomechanics of the equipment. As an athlete and an expert in sports in this industry for the last 26 years, I really enjoyed working out on these machines and every piece of equipment gives you the results you need. Besides, I’m impressed with the incredible customer service, including the efficient maintenance department, the follow ups and most importantly the fast deliveries. Now, the relationship between Matrix and me is like a family as I don’t feel they’re suppliers anymore. They are our partners, we rely a lot on them and together we will grow.
After giving birth to my third child, I embarked on my weight loss journey as I realised that I had to make a change for my health and well-being. After successfully transforming my body and my life, I decided to pursue my passion for fitness and enrolled for my international certification in personal training with Mefitpro, which was a life-changing experience for me.
Mefitpro has become a second family to me and I am so glad I chose to go with the best. The holistic approach to training made sure we understood the science behind how the human body worked and also how to apply our understanding in practice. My learning enables me to help clients in the best way possible and give them solutions backed by science and research. The ability to quickly assess muscular imbalance, posture issues and how one area of the body is affecting others really gives me the edge, as I know what is going inside the body and how to resolve the root cause and help clients live a healthier life. Whatever the client’s goals are, improving body composition, strength, weight loss or rehabilitation, I have the right tools to assist and help clients attain those goals. As someone who did not have a fitness background, I feel Mefitpro has also connected me to the right people and given me a great platform to start.
I would recommend Mefitpro to anyone who is looking to join the fitness industry, or even undertake courses to benefit themselves. Reading text and passing exams would get you your certification, but really it would be more than a piece of paper when you practically apply your knowledge in real life. There is a reason why Mefitpro is deemed the gold standard in fitness education in the region, and you can tell their students apart from their quality and level of understanding even as a beginner.
Nutrition, clean and tasty, variety of options, good service, reasonable prices, and plan flexibility, these are the factors I was looking for in a meal plan, which is when I chose Fitlab for a one-month trial. The trial has lasted a bit longer as I found what I was looking for. It’s now been a year-and-a-half with Fitlab, and the journey continues.
Eating clean, I lost some weight I’ve been struggling to lose. Besides, the idea of having a healthy meal always ready and waiting for me back home is priceless, and I would definitely love for everyone to have the same experience I’m currently enjoying with Fitlab.

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