A 2-year-old boy in Texas ordered 31 cheeseburgers from McDonald's. – USA TODAY

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A 2-year-old Texas boy ordered 31 McDonald’s cheeseburgers when his mom wasn’t looking, she wrote in a viral post.
The boy’s mother, Kelsey Burkhalter Golden, said in a Facebook post Monday afternoon that he placed the order on DoorDash. 
“I have 31 free cheeseburgers from McDonald’s if anyone is interested,” her post read. “Apparently my 2 yr old knows how to order doordash.”
Burkhalter Golden posted a photo of her son Barrett with the cheeseburgers.
She did not immediately respond to requests for comment, but she got advice from some social media users who chimed in via the comments.
One person suggested dropping the burgers off at a food bank, while another said they know a child who ordered the entire NBA league pass.
“That was about 70 games,” the user commented. “Kids are too smart when it comes to technology.”
Another person hinted that Burkhalter Golden should be grateful it’s just cheeseburgers her son ordered.
“My daughter let her baby 1½ year old play with her phone,” the user wrote. “Somehow he clicked on Amazon and ordered 3 iPhones.”
Another commenter, Annie Kathryn, offered a solution for Golden and other parents: add double click and facial recognition to the DoorDash app. 
Parents looking to prevent similar purchases have multiple options through Apple and Google.
People such as Burkhalter Golden who let their kids use their iPhones can require a password for every purchase. Parents can also turn off in-app purchases entirely using the Screen Time feature.
There’s also Face ID. Apple users who want to order DoorDash using Face ID first have to set up Apple Pay by going to settings, then tapping Face ID & Passcode, Apple said on its support website.
When they’re ready to order food via the DoorDash app, users can tap the Buy with Apple Pay button or choose Apple Pay as the payment method. The next step is confirming the payment information, then double-clicking the side button on the phone. Glance at the phone and wait for the done message and a checkmark to display.
Apple and Family Sharing users also have the “Ask to Buy” option, which allows them to approve purchases their kids make (if their kids use their own phones, that is).
Android users can set up authentication for purchases, Google said on its website. To do this, open Google Play, tap settings, authentication, then require authentication for purchases.
This way, if little ones try to make purchases on their parents’ phones, they’ll have to enter a password or provide biometrics like fingerprints, irises or facial recognition.


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