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Winter is coming. Or maybe it’s here depending what part of the country you’re in. As the holidays approach it can be an exciting time, but it’s also a time when we might start to feel dreary and frustrated and any health and wellness goals go out the window until New Year’s resolution time.
But, with a little reminding (from us) and a little effort (from you) we can stay or get back on track and strive to do little things every day to eat better and keep our bodies and minds healthy. Pretty much everyone knows that they should be doing these things (eat breakfast, drink water, don’t judge yourself when you slip up), but putting them into daily practice is a whole other thing, entirely.
To give you a little pre-holiday boost, we’re sharing six of our favourite no-brainer health and wellness tips that will ensure you stay healthy until spring finally decides to come.

There’s no way around it – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Get your metabolism into gear by eating something in the morning to start your day off right. Even if it’s a piece of toast, hearty steel cut oats, or a smoothie you’ll feel more alert, energized and satisfies all day long.
One of the best ways to stick to a healthy eating regime is having something sweet when you feel like it. Don’t eat a whole chocolate bar, but buy a good quality bar and have a few squares when your sweet tooth acts up after dinner.
We need food roughly every three to four hours to keep our metabolism in gear and our stomachs satisfied. Don’t let yourself go hungry and make sure you have a few healthy snacks between meals. Putting almonds in your desk, fresh fruit, or yogurt go a long way between meals.

It can feel hard to drink lots of water in the cold winter months but getting enough water everyday is important to help flush your system and keep hydrated. Mix up your water by adding fresh lemon juice, a few orange slices or even a drop of orange or cranberry juice.
We’re all going to eat shortbread cookies or a couple of giant slices of cake or a pizza (or two). The key is not to feel bad about it. Let yourself go out once a week for a delicious meal out with friends and never let yourself feel guilty about it. Just get back into your normal, healthy routine after a big meal out. It’s important not to always feel restricted if we want to keep healthy all year round. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy special meals and cheats once in a while!

Once of the best ways to keep healthy is to keep a food journal. When you start to look at all the things you put in your stomach you can realize you might be eating too much or not enough at all. Keeping a food journal helps you stick to a healthy plan and makes you think twice about having a second slice of cake!
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