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CONTRIBUTED – Have you ever considered incorporating medical cannabis into your 2022 new year’s wellness routine? WholesomeCo is excited to share a few reasons our patients use medical cannabis, and the medicinal benefits it may bring to your lifestyle. As we ring in the new year, our pharmacists at WholesomeCo are ready to assist in your personal cannabis journey. Here are 5 ways Utah patients might use medical cannabis in the new year.
This winter season, patients may turn to medical cannabis to relieve discomfort caused by soreness from skiing or other winter sports. Patients in Utah often turn to medical cannabis to alleviate chronic pain, which could increase throughout the winter months with more physical activity. Whether your muscles need relief after completing a new year’s fitness routine or cold dreary weather is causing achy joints, different medical cannabis products may help with your symptoms.
A new year serves as a great opportunity for a fresh start to focus on your well-being. For those feeling stuck in a routine that could be negatively impacting their health and happiness, our pharmacists often recommend cannabis to assist. Utah patients often use medical cannabis products in conjunction with pharmaceutical drugs to improve quality of life. Whether it is medicinally used alongside traditional pharmaceutical drugs or eliminating them altogether, cannabis may provide another option to help patients to take control of their health.
Cannabis is generally known to help treat stress, anxiety, and depression. Many qualified conditions in Utah can trigger these mental disorders, having a negative effect on one’s everyday life. It can be hard to take control of mental health as the new year begins and many individuals begin to face seasonal depression. This year, WholesomeCo strives to help patients achieve the mental relaxation and clarity necessary to live a healthy life.
The holiday season could be a common trigger for those who struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. As we transition into 2022, cannabis may help patients cope with PTSD symptoms such as disturbed sleep, anxiety, flashbacks, and avoidant behaviors. Our pharmacists can recommend different cannabis products to help reduce the emotional distress relating to a traumatic event.
Patients in Utah experiencing constant nausea and digestive issues may turn to medical cannabis to help treat symptoms this year and limit stomach discomfort. Certain cannabinoids in cannabis are known to have pain relieving, anti-nausea, and antiemetic effects, allowing patients to increase their appetite or manage a healthy level of eating.
Begin your New Year’s wellness routine today by scheduling a free consultation with a WholesomeCo Pharmacist. Our team is here to assist in your wholesome healing journey and answer any questions regarding the top 5 benefits of using medical cannabis in 2022.
There are currently 37,684 Utahns using cannabis to treat a variety of conditions and improve their quality of life. As of now, there are 16 medical conditions approved by the Utah legislature that allows patients to be treated with medical cannabis. The first step is to meet with a qualified medical provider who will determine if cannabis is the right option for you. Try our locating feature to find a QMP near you! Next, register with the State by visiting id.utah.gov. After you have created an account, log in to evs.utah.gov with the same username and password and begin the patient application process. Your medical provider can assist you with any of these steps.
Simplifying and normalizing the process of using medical cannabis is one of WholesomeCo’s top priorities. The pharmacy has recently implemented an instant verification for medical card holders. Once you have met with a qualified medical provider and completed the registration process, WholesomeCo can instantly verify your medical card online. You are then eligible to shop and utilize the free delivery service!
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