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Maplewood, Minnesota-based 3M’s V.A.C. delivers negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT). The company said it’s the only NPWT tech to hit the milestone of 2,000 published, peer-reviewed medical journal studies.
According to a news release, V.A.C. therapy accounts for more than 75% of published NPWT clinical evidence.
“Clinical evidence has always been a foundational element to establishing credibility for V.A.C. Therapy and our NPWT products in the wound care community,” said Dr. Ronald Silverman, M.D., 3M Health Care SVP of clinical affairs and CMO. “Published studies have also helped to promote adoption of NPWT and spur therapy innovations, including 3M Prevena therapy for incision management, 3M Veraflo therapy for instillation therapy for open wounds, 3M AbThera open abdomen negative pressure therapy.
“Our team members in the field are also actively engaged with wound care experts worldwide, working right alongside clinicians to observe the changing nature of wound care and gather feedback about our products, which helps us identify opportunities for innovation.”
V.A.C. therapy operates across a spectrum of healthcare settings today, 3M said. Its uses range from acute care facilities to ambulatory surgical centers, assisted living facilities and patient homes.
In the U.S., V.A.C. therapy features 24/7 remote therapy monitoring to support adherence. 3M added to its NPWT portfolio with its first-ever silicone-acrylic hybrid drape. The company designed the 3M Dermatac drape for easy clinician use while it remains gentle on the patient skin.
“Today’s wound care patients are often sicker and have more comorbidities, making their wounds more complex to treat and increasing the demands on clinicians’ time,” said Silverman. “3M strives to provide a robust tool selection to address clinicians’ unique wound care needs and make our products easier to use to help save their valuable time — and ultimately, help transform outcomes and improve lives for wound care patients.”
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