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Jessica Shepherd is a board-certified OB/GYN who spent years working in hospitals. She has been a guest on national programs such as Today Show and The Dr. Oz Show and has written for Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Essence and more. 
In 2020, she shifted away from hospital practices, wanting to focus on women’s holistic health.
Shepherd opened Sanctum Med and Wellness last July, bringing several other specialists to help achieve her vision. 
“I’m an M.D. But we allow people to experience all the other differences of health and wellness,” Shepherd says. 
There’s a licensed Eastern medicine doctor who prescribes Chinese medicine and does acupuncture and cupping. He specializes in sports injuries as well as reproductive medicine and infertility issues.
Sanctum Med and Wellness also has a trauma recovery coach, a life coach, a nutritionist and yoga and meditation instructors. A pelvic physical therapist helps clients improve strength and function of their pelvic floor muscles and alleviate pain, weakness and dysfunction in the muscles. 
Massage therapy, acupuncture and yoga are the most popular services among neighbors, Shepherd says. Customers can customize the time and type of yoga session that works best for them. 
As a gynecologist, she can perform menopausal and sexual wellness procedures when it comes to aesthetics. Body treatments, Botox and fillers are also available. 
“What I want people to understand about what we do here is that we offer a complete menu of services that impacts people’s holistic health,” Shepherd says. “And also I want people to understand that the experience they have here at Sanctum Med and Wellness can fit their entire journey in someone’s own, individual wellness practice.”
The clinic uses a concierge model of medicine, which allows patients and doctors to interact more and focus on prevention strategies. 
“It’s all about sustaining wellness,” she says. “And that’s what we are able to do here.”
Sanctum Med and Wellness, 5600 W. Lovers Lane, 214.729.6299
In 2016, Laura Harbison was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. She started researching how she could treat it naturally and take a more holistic approach to health.
At that point, she had built a career in the medical sales industry, working for large pharmaceutical companies. And when she turned 46, she decided to make a change. 
“I really had just been working for someone else for 23 years and just really thought it was time to spread my wings,” she says.
Given her experience and wellness-focused lifestyle, Harbison opened a spa, The Ozone Bar. She knew she needed to pick a shopping center with substantial foot traffic, so she set up shop in Inwood Village. The doors opened in February 2020, just weeks before the lockdowns. They stayed open throughout the pandemic because they were considered an essential business. 
The Ozone Bar is the only spa in Dallas that has a HOCATT sauna, which uses transdermal ozone, CO2/carbonic acid, infrared, pure oxygen, red light/color therapy and microcurrents to improve the immune system, build oxygen levels and burn hundreds of calories. This machine is one of the more expensive offerings, but Harbison says neighbors, who often report feeling pain relief, aren’t deterred by the price.  
All of the machines she selected are top-of-the-line models, including the infrared sauna that delivers far-, mid- and near-infrared to release toxins, and the ozone sauna, which detoxifies the body, increases circulation and stimulates blood cells. 
“I get approached every day by people trying to get me to offer other services, but we’ve been so successful with the four that we have,” she says.
Harbison’s business also offers physician-grade supplements and the Dermashape, which uses cupping and heat to enhance the lymphatic system, break up fascia and lactic acid and reduce water retention and cellulite. 
“We are here to make people feel good for 30 minutes,” she says. “They’re trying to escape their life for 30 minutes and enjoy and do something healthy for themselves.” 
The Ozone Bar, 5360 W. Lovers Lane, 214.964.0760
From athletes looking for quick recovery to someone interested in tightening a trouble spot or two, iCryo Recovery & Wellness offers a variety of services from whole body cryotherapy to a cocktail menu of iV infusion therapy.
Compression therapy, essentially a high-intensity air massage, breaks up lactic acid. Another popular service, body sculpting, unlike fat-freezing CoolSculpting, uses ultrasound activation, radio frequency and lipo-sculpt to break down fat cells that are flushed through the lymphatic system.
Namesake cryotherapy is offered as full-body, targeted or facial service. Medical research shows cryotherapy can reduce inflammation and numb irritated nerves. According to iCryo, the 12-minute facial brightens skin, reduces age spots and stimulates collagen. 
General manager Nelly Vasquez has used the services to treat her acne, migraines and alleviate the pain from a herniated disc. 
“We take people who are in pain and help them to feel better,” she says. “So every person who leaves, they leave with a smile. They leave really happy.”
iCryo Recovery & Wellness, 7949 Walnut Hill Lane,  469.840.1615
Cooper Spa 
12100 Preston Road, 972.392.7729
Massages, manicures, pedicures, facials, cosmetic dermatology treatments and more 
Renew Beauty Med Spa 
8687 N. Central Expy, 214.369.1600
Skin rejuvenation, cosmetic injections, laser hair removal, cellulite reduction, body contouring and fat reduction and more 
Blush ‘N Beauty Spa
8335 Westchester Drive, 817.797.9542
Custom facials, plasma fibroblast skin tightening, lash tints and lifts, waxing and more
Maribel’s Facials and Massage 
5934 Royal Lane, 972.832.7615
Facials, waxing massage therapy, aqua therapy 
Mara’s Med Spa 
6110 Luther Lane, 469.730.3333
Body contouring, injectables, facials, skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, massage therapy and more 


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